CRAZY—Zaycon Fresh Chicken Breasts Only $0.99/lb.

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Amazing! Chicken breasts coming to Utah through Zaycon Fresh are only $0.99 a lb for new customers. For a VERY limited time and only while supplies last, NEW Zaycon Foods customers can enter the code JOINED99 to get their beautiful chicken breasts for only $0.99/lb.

I have now bought chicken thighs, and chicken breasts from Zaycon, and they have not disappointed! I am very impressed by the quality of meat they offer. Zaycon has many drop off places all over the country, and a bunch in Utah too! If you aren't sure if they come to your area, you can check here. 

You pick up your box of meat from a Zaycon truck. Last time, I got the chicken breasts and they were fresh, not frozen. I had to get them out of the thick plastic and individually put them in freezer bags to freeze.





Here's how to get this offer: 

1. Register for a Zaycon account here

2. Choose your location

3. Choose what type of meat you want (For example, choose chicken if you want the $1.49 deal today) and add it to your cart (Note the different pickup dates for different meats–some may be months away, but you can buy now.)

4. Use code JOINED99 at checkout to get chicken breasts for only $0.99/lb.!


Go Here to Get Your High Quality Meat at Great Prices From Zaycon 


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