Zaycon Chicken, $1.89/lb & What I Did with 40 lbs of Fresh Chicken!

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Zaycon Food's signature event is back- the fresh, natural, hormone-free chicken is just $1.89/lb! It comes unfrozen in a 40-lb box. How it works is you place your order and pay for it, then pick it up at one of several locations across Utah on the designated pick-up day. It's awesome!!

Last time it was on sale I bought a box and took careful notes. See, a couple years ago I bought a 40-lb box of chicken from another store here in Utah. I took careful notes then as well. The biggest disappointment with the chicken was that it was so tough! It really didn't taste good at all, regardless of how I cooked it. So we suffered through 40-lbs of chicken. I had this experience fresh in my mind when I got the 40-lb box of Zaycon chicken. Would it taste differently? I sure hoped so!

I trim my meat very carefully- I'm not a fan of all the icky stuff that is often attached to fresh chicken. The 40-lb box from 2 years ago had over 5 lbs of yuck I trimmed off. The good news? The Zaycon chicken is trimmed much better and I only trimmed an additional 3 lbs off. Even better news? It is moist, tender and tastes great!! We've been working our way through it for months now and I'm so relieved- and kind of shocked  at how different it is than my store-bought chicken.

Here's a run down of how I used my Zaycon chicken

Inside the 40-lb box there are 4 large bags of chicken. Each contain roughly 8 chicken breasts. The chicken pieces vary in size somewhat, but I found most could be classified as very large.

Here's what I did with my 40-lb box:

  • 2/3 were trimmed, halved and placed on a cookie sheet to be frozen. Later on I packaged them up in food saver bags and used the food saver machine to remove the air and seal the bag. I have 4 bags still in my freezer. I placed several halves breasts in 2 large ziplock bags to be used immediately. We got the chicken in late October and we've just now finished those two Ziplock bags. 
  • 1/3 of the chicken was placed with chopped onion, several shakes of a basic seasoning blend and a can of chicken broth in the crock pot. I cooked it on medium 5-6 hours, then shredded it and bagged it up into 2 cup portions. I got about 8-10 bags if I remember correctly. 
  • The remaining 1/3 of the chicken was placed on a cookie sheet, dotted with onions and seasonings and baked. I used a meat thermometer to make sure I didn't over cook it- poultry needs to go to 160 degrees- after you remove it from the oven it will go up to the recommended 165. If you leave it in longer, the chicken gets dry fast. After it was cooked I let it cool, then diced it and bagged it up into 2 cup portions. I think I got about 5-6 bags from this method. These were our favorite- they're gone and I plan to defrost some of the frozen chicken and do this again! 
Get your workstation ready! I diced 1 large onion, had 2 cutting boards out and spread plastic wrap on my cookie sheets for freezing. I've tried other papers/ plastics and this seems to work best. 

I had a plan, so once I started, everything went really fast. It was all trimmed, separated and baking/ cooking/ freezing after 1 hour and 15 minutes! Not too shabby for processing 40-lbs of chicken! 
Oh, I forgot to mention that I did keep 2 halves breasts for dinner! I just placed them in a glass baking dish, dotted them with butter and seasonings, then put it in the fridge. I baked it for dinner and served it with rice pilaf and veggies. It was wonderful! 

Here is the chicken in the crockpot. This was another favorite- the individual bags of shredded chicken. 

Here is the chicken on the cookie sheet, ready to be baked. 

Here is the chicken ready to be frozen. I did 2-3 layers of chicken pieces separated by plastic wrap. The longer the plastic wrap is frozen, the more brittle it will become, to aim to remove it within a few hours. The chicken should be frozen enough to divide up among more permanent containers. 
That's it! I highly recommend the Zaycon chicken! You can purchase a 40-lb box right now for $75.60, which is $1.89 per pound. They sell out fast, so I'd place an order sooner than later! 
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8 thoughts on “Zaycon Chicken, $1.89/lb & What I Did with 40 lbs of Fresh Chicken!

  1. Anonymous says:

    That seems like a high price to me. I like to get them for 1.30-1.50 a lb. Anyone gotten the zaycon and think it is worth the cost?

  2. Jessica Williams- UDD, Butter with a Side of Bread says:

    Well, I wrote up a whole bunch of info in the post about how it's better than at least 1 grocery store's chicken! the store I could compare it to is Costco- and last I checked, Costco's prices were well above $2/1b even if they have a feature price going on.

    Hope this helps- it really is a great way to stock up on fantastic chicken!

  3. Brenda says:

    I second Jessica. The chicken is delicious. I didn't know chicken could be so tender and good. You can tell when you are handling it out of the box how it is so much different than other chicken.

    Thanks for your ideas on what to do with the chicken, Jessica. I have always just froze all of it without cooking it first. I will try the variations this time.

  4. Amy Workman says:

    I have found that Ream's (in Springville, not sure about other places) usually has a sale of 20lbs for 1.59/lb every 2-3 months. We have really enjoyed their chicken but have not tried this kind. I have no idea how it compares. Price wise, the Ream's chicken was cheaper and it worked fine for our family.

  5. Raeme says:

    Can you give me idea on the number of pieces of chicken you did for the oven and the crockpot? Also did you freeze your chicken on the cookie sheet then freezer sealed after it was froze? Thanks

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