Winter Palooza 2016 Discount Tickets: Coming this Saturday, Feb. 6!

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Biggest Best’est Party of the Winter!

Winter Palooza (the biggest Winter Party EVER) is Saturday Feb. 6 at South Towne Expo Center, in Sandy.

Discount Tickets: 

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Final Price: $8 per ticket


It’s their 10th semi-annual anniversary and they're celebrating HUGE!

  • Coconut Climbing Trees—It’s a climbing tree to race to the top, hit the buzzer first and beat the other climber on the other tree….how fun is that?
  • 4V Bungee Trampolines.  Jump on the tramp and the hydrolics lift you higher and higher each time, with the bungee cord catching you on the way down. Have you tried it?
  • A huge favorite—Ropa-phobia, ropes course.  Kids (and yes, adults) get harnessed up, climb up and across the obstacles to repeal off the other side.  You can race your kids or just watch the little dare-devils have their own fun!
  • Bazooka Blasters Arena.  New this year! Load up and blast out.  Hide behind the barricades and shoot away. What a fun time to get even with your kids LOL!
  • Laser Tag in the Dark. They'll have the huge inflatable laser tag arena again too.  Go into the darkness, find your kids and zap them (or at least their vests).  Show them who’s boss!
  • Dartside Nerf Tag  is coming out and setting up a play area.  They have great, easy to load guns with little, circular disks that fly and tag out kids.  Have you been up to Syracuse to play yet?  Super Fun!
  • 24 foot rock climbing tower will be back. Honestly, a bit intimidating when you look straight at it but super fun once you get your arms and legs climbing up!
  • Tons and tons of characters too, Character Booking is bringing in a 40 foot castle!  so bring your camera!  Ice princesses, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, Ironman just to name a few.
  • National Toy Companies coming in to play! International Arrivals, art supply company is flying in to do crafts, Geomag is setting up play areas for kids to build with “geomag” marbles and magnets.
  • National Kendama companies are coming in to do demos, tricks and show your kids how to do it themselves!
  • Live Performances all day long! There will be live animal shows from Scales and Tails Utah and Creature Encounters all throughout the day.  Lance Nelison and Elias “Lefty” Carress will be doing magic shows and bringing kids up on stage to win prizes.
  • Staker Parsons huge sand trailer is back.  They are bringing out their huge sand trailer filled with fresh new, clean, soft sand and buckets, shovels and toys.
  • Lots, Lots More!  They will have our 2 man Ferris Wheel back, our mechanical bull, human wrecking ball arena……Oh there’s facepainting, balloon artists, super heroes, princesses, star wars characters, the Drum Bus.


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