Winco Case Lot Sale Breakdown

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Winco is running their Case Goods Sale now until Oct 5th.  Below are the items in their ad.  At the bottom of the post is my Price Comparison Chart from Smith's and Macey's Case lot sales to give you a good comparison.

Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce $8.98
Case of 12
$.75 per unit

Nissin Top Ramen Noodles $2.98
Case of 24
$.12 per unit

Santiam Canned Vegetables Green Beans/Corn $11.98
Case of 24
$.50 per unit

Nalley Chili With Beans $19.98
Case of 24
$.83 per unit

Tomato Sauce $11.98
Case of 48
$.25 per unit

White Rice $10.68
25 lbs

Pinto Beans $15.98
25 lbs

Old Fashioned Oats $11.98
25 lbs

White Flour $14.98
25 lbs

Pasta Spaghetti/Elbow Mac $12.98
20 lbs

Diced Tomatoes $11.48
Case of 24
$.48 per unit

Dark Red Kidney Beans $11.48
Case of 24
$.48 per unit

Water $1.98
case of 24
$.08 per unit

Soups Cream of Chicken/Mushroom $11.48
case of 24
$.48 per unit

Chicken Broth $11.98
case of 24
$.50 per unit

Evaporated Milk $21.98
Case of 24
$.92 per unit

Emergency Essentials 100 Hour Candle $3.48

Egg Mix Powder $20.48
36 oz

Whole Eggs Powder $16.48
33 oz

Honey Powder $8.98
48 oz

Butter Powder $15.48
36 oz

Food Storage Pail $2.48
5 gallon

Some of Winco's Prices beat the Case Lot Sales at Smith's and Macey's.  Below is the comparison chart for all stores.  Please note that the Smith's and Macey's Case Lot sales are now over.  (This chart will come in handy for the next round of case lot sales.  We'll know if we should wait for a specific stores to start.)

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  1. pam says:

    where do you find the winco ads, I live a few miles away from the store and when I do go into town I would like to be able to make a list and know if its worth my time. Thanks!

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