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Ok, be honest- how many of you were at the Winco Grand Opening this morning?!

Marie from Shopping with Cents was! You can check out her review of this morning's sales here. She also posted an extensive list of deals you can find this week here.

Some highlights:
  • Fresh Val Best Chicken Breast, boneless/skinless, family pack: $0.98/lb
  • Bananas: $0.18/lb (limit 10 lbs)
  • Russet Potatoes, 10 lb bag: $0.68 (limit 1)
  • Northern Bath Tissue, 12 pk double rolls: $2.98 (limit 1, $1.98 after coupon HERE
Here are some Winco basics:

  • They do price match. They pride themselves in being the “low-price leader” in the supermarket. So if you find an ad price for another store that beats theirs, bring it in and they will honor that price for you.
  • Their “store brand” is called HyTop.
  • They accept all forms of coupons, including internet printable. But please keep in mind that they follow the “scannable” rule, meaning that the coupon MUST BE SCANNABLE or they will not accept it. (that means that those of you who print in grayscale may want to change your printer setting if you are going to WinCo!)
  • You can stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for added savings.
  • They DO NOT accept credit cards in any form (including gift card form). Debit card transactions are welcomed, but a PIN number is required. Other forms of payment accepted are cash, check, food stamps and gift cards/certificates (store issued only).

My big question: Do they carry Breyers ice cream and how much is it?! The first person to answer that question gets a COOL prize from me… 😉

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24 thoughts on “Welcome Winco!

  1. Marie says:

    You know, I almost checked to see what the price was on the Breyer's ice cream, but didn't because I knew that my freezer space was limited and that wasn't on my list of necessities! Bummer!

  2. Mona says:

    Darn! I didn't check Breyers ice cream but I did note that Gogurt was $1.98. Seems most prices were the same or comptetive to Walmart. I live in Herriman too but had some time and wanted to check it out. I got all the grand opening deals I wanted (but there are limits). It took me 25 minutes to get there, a few minutes to find a parking space and track down a cart from someone loading. I was in the store 30 minutes shopping and 30 minutes in the check out line. It was packed but so fun! Pumpkin pie samples that my baby loved! Another note about my Winco experience is that you bag your own groceries. It's not a bad thing but if my kids were not acting as good as they were it could have been difficult. Best deals today: Grandma Sycamores bread 1.25 a loaf and boneless chicken 98 cents a pound!

  3. Sew Much Ado says:

    I drove up at 9:15am and the line was around the side of the building! I was not about to attempt waiting with my two kids, so I went to Walmart and price matched. I can't wait to go there another time though, especially if they price match!

  4. cotncandy says:

    They DO have Breyer's ice cream! And the thing about winco is, their prices are always good, but they vary. I've seen it at 2.28, but the last time I was there it was 2.78. Still pretty good when you need a fix!

  5. Julene says:

    It was really fun and I am glad that I went. Their bulk section was really fun. I got garlic powder and couscous and just scooped as much as I wanted. The lines weren't bad at all and they had everyone moving smoothly. I love this store and will shop there a lot. I had some bumblebee tuna pouch internet coupons for $1/1 and the single serve pouches were $1.03!! Don't look for the lowest prices on crackers and chips and stuff. I was overall impressed and the checker didn't even look at my coupons she just scanned them in before my items were even rung up. I started out with a $26.50 negative balance. Fun store!!

  6. Lindsey says:

    It was crazy. They had good prices and I'm glad I went. Looks like it will be a good option although a bit of a drive for me. Yhey were handing out coupons. I got a free box of sun detergent, a bottle of all for .98 cents and a free bottle of rain shampoo.

  7. marcie says:

    It was CRAZY busy there! They didn't have any carts so we used my stroller basket underneath and my kids helped carry a few things. Great grand opening deals though. I got the 12 packs of pepsi for $1.73 each with coupons. The line to check out was wrapped clear to the back of the store and down the meat isle, but I was pleasantly surprised to have it move very quickly. The girl who checked me out was super fast. One of the workers in the store told me they flew in all the checkers from other states just for this grand opening and I could tell that they did. Very efficient!

  8. Lyndsy says:

    The Breyers ice cream was $2.48 at the one in midvale. I have to say though, forget Breyers, I can die a happy woman because they have brought Tillamook ice cream to Utah!!! I grew up on the stuff and it is my favorite ice cream hands down!! they have a lot of unique flavors that are soooo good! I fact I was really suprised that they carry the entire tillamook line of products! Yeah!

  9. Lucille says:

    ANyone knows if they are coming to Davis county like say Layton? OMG that would be awesome! I've heard so much about this place and God knows we need some cool markets around here!

  10. The Saving sister says:

    I drove there at 9:30 and the line was around the store and then a brilliant thought crossed my mind- Walmart is just down the street so I went there instead and they price matched everything! See my post here…

  11. Valerie says:

    I don't live anywhere near a WinCo, but now I really want to go after reading one of the comments that they sell Tillamook ice cream. I wish they'd come closer to me!

  12. Anonymous says:

    There may be some confusion about the price matching. I have seen it on a lot of blogs, but I don't know where it started. I work for WinCo, so I know the policy. With the exception of specific holiday items, we will not match advertised prices from other stores. What we do, though, is we check those ads and we constantly are going into our competitors stores to check prices. We then will just change our prices to match or beat almost all of the prices we see. We do pride ourselves on being the lowest around, and we work hard to make sure we are. Please speak to the store manager if you have any questions about price matching.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I was unable to use the $1.00 manufacture coupons on the toilet paper and the cheese. The cashier said that was considered a double coupon. Is their a printed copy of their coupon policy, so next time i will not have a problem. I can alway go to Walmart and they will ad match plus use the coupons.

  14. marcie says:

    Did anyone buy any Pillsbury Funfetti Cake mixes when they were on sale for cheap at Maceys a few weeks ago?? Those boxes have a coupon printed on the inside for $1/2 Pillsbury Brownie Mixes. Those same brownie mixes are on sale at Winco for $.68 right now and with the coupon, they would be $.18 a piece!! I used a coupon there today!

  15. marcie says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Winco Coupon Policy? I went today and when I tried to use more than one of the same coupon, it caused such a stir that I'm not even sure I want to ever go back there. As most coupons do, the coupon read "One coupon per purchase". The cashier took that as one coupon per order/transaction and told me I would have to come back and use the rest in separate transactions. I told her that's not what the wording on the coupon meant. Honestly, she was pretty rude. She called over a manager and grumbled under her breath that I had "too many coupons". I kinda chuckled and asked her "Too many? Or just a lot?" She ignored me. While she was waiting for a manager, she rang up three other orders. It took forever. When the manager came over, she was no better and agreed with the cashier. I tried, again, to explain what the coupon means and finally, they did it for me but they made me feel like I'd done something wrong when I knew darn well I hadn't, and said they'd do it "just this once". I don't know if they are all just new and don't know what's going on or what, but I sure as heck am frustrated. I had been there on opening day and then again a few days later and had great experiences both times. I also know that during those 2 times the cashiers that were running the registers had been flown in from out of state for the opening. It shouldn't have to be so difficult. So, if anyone out there has a policy, or a corporate address/phone/email and I'll contact them myself, I'd sure appreciate it!

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