Walmart Wednesday: Top 10+ Price Matches

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After scanning through all the weekly ads, here are some of my favorite deals this week (9/26-10/2).  I came up with 10+ deals that you can price match at Walmart to get fantastic savings on these items!  
You don't need any coupons to get great savings on these items, although if you have coupons for these items you can obviously pair them with the sales for even more savings!  
bananas  $.29/lb  (Ream's)

red grapes  $.87/lb (Ridley's)
Gala apples  $.50/lb  (Buy Low)

cantaloupe $.20/lb (Buy Low- Wed/Thurs only)

watermelon $.17/lb (Buy Low – Wed/Thurs only)
oranges $.33/lb (Buy Low)

Russet potatoes, 10 lb. bag $1.00 (Rancho)

*store brand white/wheat sandwich bread, 16 oz. $.79 (Rancho)

*store brand sour cream, 16 oz. $.99 (Ream's)

*store brand cream cheese, 8 oz.  $1.00 (Smith's)

*store brand cottage cheese, 16 oz. $1.00 (Smith's)

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies  $1.50 (Ream's)
(Just a quick suggestion for these – stock up and use them for making s'mores instead of using graham crackers and chocolate… yummy!  Just a throw a roasted marshmallow between 2 of these cookies and voila…instant s'more that is less messy and you don't have to worry about the chocolate not getting melted enough or having too much graham cracker to chocolate/marshmallow ratio.  Can you tell I'm a little particular about my s'mores?  Seriously, just try this and you'll be converted to my way of making s'mores!)

GM Cereals, 8.9-11.8 oz  $1.49 each when you buy 4  (Harmon's)
Includes: Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, Trix, Cheerios or Total Whole Grain
Use $1.00 off 2 Boxes of Cheerios coupon here to get Cheerios for $.99 each!

*store brand milk, gallon  $2.50 (Harmon's)
Use .75 off any brand gallon milk coupon here to get milk for $1.75!

*store brand cheese, 2 lb. block $5.99  (Harmon's) 
Use $1 off any 2 lbs cheese coupon here to get 2 lb. cheese for $4.99!
Keep in mind that each store has different starting and ending dates for their sales.  Make sure to price match these items while the sales are still in effect!  
  • Macey's ad runs Mon-Sat
  • Rancho Market's ad runs Mon-Sun
  • Harmon's ad runs Mon-Sun
  • Ream's ad runs Tues-Mon
  • Ridley's ad runs Tues-Mon
  • Sunflower Market's ad runs Wed-Wed
  • Smith's ad runs Wed-Tues
*The official Walmart ad match policy states that they will not honor competitors' private label price promotions, so your store may not allow you to price match these items.  That being said, it seems as though many Walmart stores have no problem allowing you to purchase their store brand (Great Value) equivalent items at these sale prices.  
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4 thoughts on “Walmart Wednesday: Top 10+ Price Matches

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was at Walmart in Centerville last week and was told that they don't price match with certain stores (Sunflower and Rancho were the two I was price matching at the time). I was able to purchase the items that time, but they wanted me to be aware for next time. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

  2. Mindy says:

    The Centerville Walmart told me they wouldn't price match Rancho Market, but I have never been told that about Sunflower Market. They said the reason they wouldn't match Rancho was because their produce didn't have the same quality standards as Walmart. They can't say that about Sunflower Market though, because I've been there, and their quality is definitely superior to Walmart. I think it just depends on the cashier or manager.

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