VidAngel is Simply Amazing– Stream Any Movie for only $1

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I recently came across VidAngel, and never knew how cool it was! VidAngel is a streaming service that streams thousands of movies and TV shows on several different devices. Go here to see the devices it supports. It is much like Netflix, except they have newly released movies and TV shows, and you pay by the show (not a monthly fee.) But it also allows you to filter potentially offensive content out of movies and TV shows. Each movie and show costs only $1 after sellback.

But wait, what is sellback? You buy the movie for $20 (because ownership of the movie is necessary in order to legally filter the content) and then within 24 hours, VidAngel buys it back for $19. I looked into it, and they allow you to check the “auto-sellback” button, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to sell it back. That is awesome.


Why VidAngel?

Because it’s cheap, and you can filter content! My family (before we found out about VidAngel) had been streaming movies on Amazon from our Rokuand they usually cost around $3.99-$4.99 each depending on the movie. And Amazon doesn’t give you the option of filtering. Plus, did you know the Star Wars Movies are $89 to stream on Amazon right now? Insane, right? VidAngel, is streaming them for only $1 per movie, and happens to be the only other service streaming the old Star Wars.


I am signing up to use this service because I have heard great things about them and I think the service of filtering content they offer is amazing! I also like that they allow you to automatically sell it back, because I know I would forget if that wasn’t available! Plus, for several months I have no longer been renting movies from Redbox just because we ALWAYS forget to return them and end up spending way more that just renting them on Amazon. Except now, we will be renting movies on VidAngel from the comfort of our home too. So awesome.

Go here to learn more

P.S. I highly recommend getting a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick to stream. They are amazingly convenient, and make streaming so easy if you don’t have a smart TV or other streaming device (like a Wii, Playstaion, or Blu-Ray.)



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