Utah’s City Creek Shopping Mall Grand Opening

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Today is the day- the new City Creek mall is officially OPEN! As many of you know, I was able to attend the Charity Gala last night to preview the stores, the scenery and do some shopping. I took my sister-in-law along, as well as my baby, Leah. I'm happy to report that Leah was a terrific shopper and we had an amazing time!

City Creek mall spans two city blocks in Downtown Salt Lake City. The shopping mall boasts tons of new stores like Tiffany's, Coach, Macy's, Pandora, Restoration Hardware & many more. The stores are incredible, but the scenery is breathtaking, featuring several waterfalls, fountains, a Sky Bridge, a retractable roof and of course, City Creek, which runs through the center of the mall.

After briefly walking around last night, we headed straight for the food court. It was nearly 7pm and we were all starving. It's easily the most beautiful food court I've ever seen! It's light and spacious, there are tons of options and the children's play area is a big winner. We were able to sample many of the restaurant's menus and the standouts were the shredded beef flautas from Red Iguana and the grilled chicken and herbed french fries from Mykonos. I'm foreseeing a play date there in the near future!

Even though we left most of our children at home, The Disney Store was a definite must. In one word, I can sum up the entire look and feel of the store: Magical. I can't wait to go back with my oldest daughter. We walked through the Royal Castle and waved the magic wands in front of the Princess Mirrors. There was coloring in the rotunda near the back but Leah wasn't interested. She did however get featured on the Disney screen with a big congratulations for it being her first time in the Disney Store! She smiled, we took a picture.

Major fan-girl moment when we saw Steven Sharp Nelson from ThePianoGuys.com!!

We enjoyed the live entertainment and had a great time window shopping. The mall itself is so much bigger than I imagined. Or maybe it's just that there's so much to see, it took a lot more time than I thought it would to see everything. The excitement surrounding the grand opening is palpable and we enjoyed taking it all in.

I stepped foot in Tiffany's. Yes, wearing jeans and pushing my baby around in her majorly used I've-already-been-through-three-other-babies stroller, we walked through Tiffany's. Cross that off my bucket list! I took a picture of the baby section. Leah smiled bright when she was the silver baby spoons but I had to draw the line there. I watched a man tie the prettiest bow you've ever seen on top of an infamous blue box. I imagine it took him a week of training to get it that perfect. Maybe someday my husband will surprise me with something in a little blue box. {Kidding dear, I'd rather wrap Grad-school up with a pretty bow instead.}

I encourage you all to take a date night and walk through this incredible shopping center. It's bound to become of the “must-see” places in Salt Lake City! If you're planning on doing some shopping, there are several deals running at various stores right now. Also, there are 100 Swag Bags up for grabs- each are valued at over $100! You'll need to complete the requirements here.

I'd love to hear what you all think of this amazing new shopping center!

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