Utah Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

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Our family will soon be taking a little vacation down to St. George and as part of my planning, I've been thinking about ways to keep my kids entertained in the car. I've got all the normal things covered- snacks, new small toys, coloring books. However, I wanted something unique and fun for them to do that will help them take in the scenery around them.

On a whim I created this Utah Road Trip Scavenger HuntĀ complete with mini-pictures! It has 30 things for kids to watch for while driving in a car in Utah. Some items are truly unique to Utah, others are more general. It helps if your child can read, but even younger kids can have fun watching out for items in the pictures.

So whether you're traveling and staying in Utah or just passing through, put my hours of work to good use and bookmark this for your next trip!

Print the Utah Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Here are some other items to help you keep the kids entertained in the car

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4 thoughts on “Utah Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

  1. Melia says:

    This is FANTASTIC! We are actually headed to SLC this weekend from St George and it will be keeping some of my kiddos entertained for sure! Thank you!

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