Update on the Pass of All Passes

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I wanted to post a quick update for everyone who has purchased or is thinking about purchasing a Pass of All Passes. I just spoke with Kurt, President of CityDeals and he gave me a few updates.

First of all- they are still priced at $19.94. I first heard that it would only go through the first week of September, now it looks like it might continue on through next week. All I know is that it will end suddenly, without notice. So grab your passes while they're still cheap!

Second, several of you have asked about what venues will be included next year. There will be minimal changes and in addition to the water parks, there will be 12-16 other events and activities available with the passes. Many of the sports seasons just ended and contracts are in the process of being reviewed and renewed for next year. I think it's safe to assume, the pass will be pretty much the same as it was this year. I do know that they are working on a deal with a MAJOR event that isn't finalized yet…but if it is, WOW- it's going to be cool!! I don't know what event/ activity it is~ only that it will be very well received!

I'll continue to update you as I get more information! As it stands, it still looks to be an incredible deal!

CityDeals has the year-long Pass of all Passes for only $19.94 right now! You can purchase as many as you'd like and these are valid until September, 2013- a year from the date of purchase. Have fun all next summer long with this $20 purchase now!

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