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So you all have probably noticed that redesigned their site recently. It's not too bad- I don't mind the new look, but I do have two issues- finding the place where you change the zip code and scrolling to the very last page of all the coupons. Here are two short-cuts that show you how to do both these things with the new format!

Change your Zip Code: I like to toggle between various Utah zip codes because we all tend to have different coupons. To change the zip code in this new format, you have to first click the “Local Coupons” tab at the top. Now you can see the zip code box! Enter your code, then go back to printable coupons and voila- done!

Scroll to the last page of coupons: At the bottom of the page, hit the “Show more Coupons” button. Now hit the space bar about 10 times and see all the pages of coupons roll out! Nice! Note- this didn't work for me in Google Chrome, only in IE.

Thank you to Fabulessly Frugal for telling me about this last tip! It was driving me crazy!

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