Top Rebate App, Checkout 51: Use It To Save Even More on Groceries!

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You guys have heard me talk about rebate apps before and know there are a select few I really love, and endorse all the time. Checkout 51 is definitely one of them. It is a free app to download, and you can get cash back on items you are likely buying anyway. Rebate apps are kindof like the icing on the cake because you can use them with other coupons and savings. And you can even use them with other rebate apps. Sometimes you can get money back from several rebate apps on one item!


How does Checkout 51 work?

  • Well first, you must sign up for the free Checkout 51 app!
  • Then, look for offers available on Checkout 51, and purchase them at ANY store
  • Save your receipt and click “upload receipt” to capture your receipt image
  • You will then have to select the Checkout 51 offers that match up with your receipt
  • Get money put in your account once eligible items are approved!
  • Get a check sent to you once you have $20+ in your account. You can cash out any time after you have reached $20.

Most of these offers can only be claimed once per week. Meaning, once you get $1 back for buying 2 oreos, you will not be able to claim that offer again that week. Often times the offers reappear the next week, but they aren't always there again.


One thing I really love about Checkout 51 is that they offer a produce offer every week. You must choose which one you want to claim each week–you can only claim one!

Here is an example of how the app works:

Buy (1) Blueberries, $0.99 each this week at Smith's

Pay $0.99

Then, pick the blueberry cash back offer from Checkout 51 and get $0.25 put in your account.

Final Price: Like paying $0.74 for blueberries after cash back–remember, you must have $20+ in your account to cash out!


Go here to sign up for Checkout 51, and stop missing easy savings at the store! 


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