Top 5 Pins of the Week: Workout Music, Book Ideas, First Day of School Interview and More!

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Here are my favorite pins from the week! Follow me on Pinterest here to see all of the other pins that I liked.

Also- to anyone who has been delaying joining Pinterest because it requires an invite- well now you have no excuse because that requirement is gone! Register here and start pinning! 

What Should I Read Next?:  This website is awesome!  It’s kind of like the Pandora for books-you just type in a book or author that you love and it gives you suggestions for other books you might like also.

Best Workout Songs:  This is a great selection of music, and it gives you the BPM for each song, so you can select songs that will help you stay at a certain pace!  I’m always looking for new songs to help me enjoy running and I found quite a few here that I need to add to my running playlist. {Says Nellie. Jessica is allergic to running. I’m all over Pilates though. }

First Day of School Interview:  I’m disappointed that I didn’t start this a couple of years ago when my oldest daughter was first starting kindergarten, but hopefully I can start this tradition this year and keep it going.  I’m sure my kids would love to look back on their answers each year…what a fun keepsake to have!

Consequences for Little Hearts:  I am a huge supporter of implementing natural consequences for misbehavior, but I also know that sometimes it is hard to come up those consequences, especially at the moment the behavior occurs.  This is a great list of appropriate and natural consequences for a variety of situations-great ideas!

10 Habits for a Well-Run Home:  Ever feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do to keep track of everyone and everything in your home?  Me too!  This article provides a list of 10 very doable things that you can do every day to help keep everything running smoothly.  I already do some of these things, but I know that if I did them all consistently, life would probably be less stressful!

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