Top 5 Pins of the Week: Thanksgiving Dinner Tips, 5 Steps to Raise a Child, Gazillion Uses for Dawn and More!

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Here are a few of my favorite pins that I have Pinned on Pinterest this week.  I just love being able to find and organize so many great ideas by only looking in one spot!

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Homemade or Store Bought? Making Thanksgiving for a Crowd – Lots of great tips about how to save time and effort and still pull off a successful (and yummy) Thanksgiving dinner!

10 Must-See Thanksgiving Treats – Lots of cute ideas!  I usually let the kids help me make some sort of cookie/cupcake/treat that we can use as name tags at the dinner table for Thanksgiving.  Some of these would be perfect!

Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar – Planning a trip to Disney World?  Look and see which weeks are typically much less crowded and plan accordingly!

How to Raise a Child in 5 Easy Steps – If only raising a child was that easy!  You certainly can't fit an entire child-raising manual on one poster, but I thought this was actually very helpful!  The chart lists different personality types that your child might have and then lists out specific reasons that child might behave bad, as well as specific things you can do to help calm your child down.

Gazillion Uses for Dawn – Who knew that you could use plain ol' Dawn dish soap for so many different things?  I sure didn't!!!

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