Top 5 Pins of the Week: Manners, Pillowcases, Cakes and More!

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Here are a few of my favorite pins that I have Pinned on Pinterest this week.  These days it seems like a lot of the pins I am seeing are all about the holidays, but I'll wait until it gets a little closer to start sharing some of those!

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100 Easy Kid Birthday Cakes – I'll admit that I have gone a little overboard in the past for some of the cakes I have attempted to make for my kiddos, but now that I have 4 kids I have tried to get a little simpler with my cake creations.  Some of these cakes are super cute, but most look very doable and fairly simple….perfect!

Manners at Any Age – An informative, yet concise article outlining the various manners that you can teach your children.  The author has broken it down by age group and gives some great ideas for manners you can emphasize with your kids.

Easy Pillowcase Tutorial – Growing up, the kids in my family had special Christmas pillowcases that we used for our pillows during the month of December and I've been meaning to carry on the tradition for my kids…just hasn't happened yet.  Honestly, I think it would be fun to have pillowcases for all the major holidays and even for birthdays, etc. and with this tutorial, I think it might actually happen sometime soon.  I'm not much of a seamstress, but I think even I can handle this!

Magnetic Cups – All I can say is that this is a genius idea…I get so tired of my kids using multiple cups each day, or even just leaving the same one sitting in random places all over the kitchen.  Must do this!

Healthy Toddler Foods – Feel like you're feeding your kids the same thing over and over?  Here are a bunch of great ideas and very unique, healthy recipes to try with your kids.  Also has a lot of baby food recipes.  I got lots of ideas that I probably never would have thought of!

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