Top 5 Pins of the Week: Freezer Smoothies, Feed a Crowd, Make Your Own Coloring Pages and More!

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Here are a few of my favorite pins that I have Pinned on Pinterest this week.  Almost everything that looked good to me was all about food, mostly of the sugary variety, but I managed to find a few other pins that I liked too!

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Create Your Own Coloring Pages – You can upload any photo to this website and within seconds, that photo is turned into a coloring page!  I plan to upload a bunch of family photos and take them with me to church…what kid doesn't want to color a picture of himself?!!

Make Ahead Freezer Smoothies – Right now there is so much wonderful, inexpensive fruit available and this is one idea of how you can store it and make it last the winter.  My kids love smoothies and we make one almost every day-it would be so convenient to have everything all put together in the freezer and ready to go!

Shop Seasonally Chart – Not sure which fruits and vegetables are more readily available (and usually tastier and less expensive) at different times of the year?  This chart is a great reference to help you plan your meals and shopping lists based on which season of the year it is.

How to Feed a Crowd for Cheap – We love having lots of people over, but it can get a little pricey and I also feel like I make the same meal every time we have a big crowd.  This article will give you tons of ideas for menus, decorations, etc. and basically tell you everything you need to know to host a large group!

Gas Calculator– I'm sure there are a lot of similar websites, but this one is awesome!  You can put in your location, your destination and the make/model of your car and it will tell you how much the gas will cost you to get there!

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