Tis’ the Season….for Berry Picking!

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There are so many places in Utah where you can pick your own berries, and this is the perfect time of year to do so!  Last night, we loaded up the kids and headed to McBride's Briar Patch in Mapleton, since it happened to be one of the closest patches to our home.

I was so impressed with the couple that owns this particular patch.  They were so friendly and helpful and kept telling us how wonderful it was that we brought all of our children.  They had a sandbox for the little ones, they had a bathroom available and they told the kids that they could eat as many as they wanted while we were picking raspberries.  They had a bunch of buckets and ropes you could use to tie them on your waist for more efficient berry picking. They have thought of everything!  There were plenty of raspberries and the kids had a blast eating picking them.

There were a bunch of goats, chickens and deer on the other side of the fence from the patch, and the McBrides told my kids that they could feed them as much hay as they wanted.  My 1-year old was completely content sitting in his stroller as long as we kept a steady supply of raspberries available to him.  I'm not sure how many he ended up eating, but we definitely got our money's worth!

It started raining about 15-20 minutes after we arrived, and amidst the chaos of trying to stay dry, I didn't get a picture of the huge bowl of raspberries we picked, but they are wonderful!   We ended up with just over a pound, and it was only $3!  The kids had more in their buckets too, but they didn't even charge us for those ones-they were so nice.

If you live anywhere near Mapleton, I recommend that you go to McBride's Briar Patch.  If you don't live close, here is a long list of other locations all over Utah where you can go to pick your own berries.  It's a great family activity-the kids will have fun and you can get lots of yummy berries that are much cheaper and fresher than the ones at the store.  We picked a few pounds of blackberries last year that I divided up and froze for my smoothies…I just barely used up the last of them!

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