Tips On Freezing Berries

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Summer time is when you are bound to find great deals on berries. Sometimes you can tell the berries will only last for one or two days before going moldy, so whenever this happens, I always make sure to freeze them! Last week you may have seen the Facebook post I did on the $0.79 raspberry deal I got at Smith's in West Point for their grand opening. I bought a whole case and I knew they were going to go moldy soon.

We love putting berries in smoothies, and it's one of my family's very favorite snacks all year round. Freezing things saves money and just makes sense, right?! Plus, if you want to make jam, but don't have the time right away, you can always freeze the berries and make the jam later!

We recently bought a small deep freezer and it has been my best friend. Now I can stock up on everything, including berries and fruit, meat, bread, cheese, butter, etc. I am a little too excited about it!


So these tips may be a little self-explanatory, but I hadn't really thought of some of them until I saw my sister in law do it, and I thought, “oh that's a great idea!” So I thought I'd pass it along.

Tips for freezing berries:

1. I rinse the berries really well in a strainer and lay them out on the counter on a dish towel. I pat all the excess water with a towel and let them dry off for a little while.

2. I then spread them out on a cookie sheet to put them in the freezer before putting them in a bag. This helps so the berries don't all mush together in one clump when you put them in a bag. Freeze on the cookie sheet until solid.

3. After frozen, scoop them off the cookie sheet and put them in a freezer bag. They come apart great and are great for smoothies, jams, and desserts!


Speaking of raspberries, do you guys have a go-to raspberry jam recipe? Please tell me about it, I'd love to know!


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