This is what 24 lbs of Strawberries looks like…

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What happens when you're suddenly able to get fresh strawberries for $1 per pound? Why, you buy 24 lbs worth of course! Then you make a strawberry smoothie to drink while you think of all the ways to use said 24 lbs of strawberries.

If you're part of a neighborhood produce co-op, or even have one in your neighborhood like I do, then chances are you might be in the same boat as me! Our co-op produce guy called and let my neighbor know of this great deal on strawberries. One Facebook post later, I'd committed to buying 3 cases. Facebook is a wonderful thing!

First up is some strawberry jam. We're all out being as last year my pregnant self didn't make any jam. None. I was too busy being nauseous apparently. So, I'm making a double batch this year to make up for it!

I'll also freeze several pounds worth. They're perfect for smoothies in the summertime. Freezing strawberries is super easy, I'll show you how I do it later on.

I also have big plans to make a strawberry pie, lots of Strawberry Spinach salad, add them to cereal and oatmeal, etc. If you have a to-die-for strawberry recipe, please share- I'd love to try it!

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7 thoughts on “This is what 24 lbs of Strawberries looks like…

  1. Robyn says:

    I literally just finished making my 24 lbs into jam. I moved out to TN and a local store had them for $0.79! I bought 32 lbs, we ate 8 lbs, made 22 into jam, and have another 2 lbs. in the fridge to finish off with dinner tonight. They also had pineapple for $0.99 (each, not per lb!), cantalope for the same price, and grapefruit for $0.19! Best produce week in a LONG time!

  2. Marie says:

    I just picked up a bag of discounted lemons at Smith's the other day (like 10 for $1) and a container of strawberries…and came away with some homemade strawberry lemonade! Super yummy!

    2 c. sliced strawberries (I just used one whole container)
    2 c. water
    2 c. sugar (I used agave)
    2 c. lemon juice
    6 c. water

    Combine 2 c. water and sugar into a large saucepan, bring to a boil and add in the strawberries. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes while smashing the strawberries to release the juices. Using a fine mesh strainer, strain the juice from the strawberries. Reserve some of the strawberries for serving if you desire. In a large pitcher (3 liters or larger) combine the remaining water and lemon juice with the strawberry syrup and chill. Makes approximately 3 liters of lemonade. So delish!

  3. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Anon- it wasn't really my deal to share, kwim? I'm not in charge of our local co-op {I do Jumbo Joe's baskets, so I don't even participate in the co-op on a regular basis!} but when she has great deals like this, she opens it to the neighborhood. Ask around your neighborhood to see if anyone has a co-op set up, then let the organizer know you'd like to participate!

    I've seen the 1 lb claws of strawberries at Walmart for around $1/lb- so it will happen! I'll give everyone a heads up when I see it!

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