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NPS is a store located in Salt Lake that takes old inventory from other stores and deeply discounts them. My sister that lives in Bountiful loves NPS and gets treasures there all the time, and she has even picked me up some great stuff too! Just as an example, she has found me a 7'x10′ West Elm rug for $80, and a 7'x10′ Whitney rug for $40!


My Whitney Rug for $40!

I have also heard that if it is your first time shopping there, you can go to customer service and they will give you a $5 giftcard!

On their website, they write this about the store: “NPS uses both brick and mortar and online channels to sell a vast variety of items from just about any category. The NPS Store located on 1600 Empire Road in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a bargain hunter’s paradise with great deals to be found on grocery, clothing, housewares, electronics, and collectibles 6 days a week. Across the street is the NPS Industrial Store where you can find great deals on sporting goods, furniture, hardware and tools, and also participate in our weekly public silent bid auctions held every Monday. For those that are connected to the web, you will get the added benefit of being able to view, bid and buy popular products from our listings on, ebay, and Amazon.”


If you have never been there, it may be kind of overwhelming as they have a whole warehouse of stuff, from kitchen sinks to groceries! My sister told me they start to discount things even more every Thursday, so the weekends may be your best bet at finding great stuff. They are open Monday-Saturday.

Here are some of the things she found yesterday while there:





Berries, $0.99-$1.49









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4 thoughts on “The NPS Store Finds

  1. Trisha says:

    I went there with some friends a few years ago and was SO overwhelmed by everything. But I did see some great deals there. You just have to get over that it feels almost “dirty” in there cause there’s just so much stuff!

  2. Dixyann Smith says:

    You REALLY need to know your price points at NPS, not everything is a good price or even close to the expiration date. We found that most things we buy, we can find for the same price or less at our normal grocery store if we watch the sales.

    • Janica says:

      Yes, I feel that is very true with groceries. Thank you! I have found (well really my sister has found) the best deals on non-food items there! Like rugs, home decor, kid toys, etc. Thank you for pointing that out though because I think it is good to know, especially if you have never shopped there.

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