The Best Coupon Sources: Where to Search For and Find Coupons

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Do you know what the best sources for coupons are? Knowing where to find coupons is essential in saving money at the grocery store. I match you up with some of the best coupons each week, but if you want to save even more at the grocery store, it’s important that you know where to look for coupons. There are many, many places to find coupons, but I will tell you all about the places I look and how I find the best ones!

My favorite coupon-finding tools:

The Coupon DatabaseThis is a huge database that looks up any coupon in seconds. If you are wondering where a certain coupon is, go here to search for it.

Alphabetic Utah Newspaper Coupon Index: This will tell you if there is a coupon, and where to find a coupon in our Utah Sunday Newspaper inserts. Remember, RP=RedPlum, SS=Smartsource, P&G=Proctor&Gamble. They are referenced by the Sunday they came out. So SS 1/10/16 would mean the specific coupon is in the Smartsource insert from January 10, 2016.

Hot Coupon World Coupon Database: Another source to searching for coupons.

My favorite printable coupon sources:

P&G Everyday

Save In Store

Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Target Coupons

Whole Foods Coupons

{Go here to see how I save HUNDREDS on my printing costs each year, and what printer I use to print coupons.}

My favorite source for Sunday newspaper coupons:

Get the Sunday newspaper for only $0.38 each per week with my group discount rate.

The Sunday paper supplies the Smartsource, Redplum, and P&G inserts. (P&G only comes the first Sunday of the month)

Can order up to two Salt Lake Tribune, and two Deseret News, for a total of 4 Sunday newspapers.

Go here to order your Utah Sunday paper.

My favorite e-coupon sources:

Smith’s Digital Coupons


Amazon Subscribe & Save Coupons

My favorite rebate apps:



Checkout 51


Smith’s App

Go here to learn how these apps work: The Best 6 Couponing Apps Worth Using



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  1. pam says:

    Hey do you happen to know where I can find the list of the coupons that come out on sunday, I know there use to be a list. Like to know before hand. Thanks

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