Target REDcard – Save an Extra 5% at Target Everyday!

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If anyone asks me my favorite store, I have no hesitation in my answer that one of them is Target all the way! I love the clearance, I love the sales, I love the Cartwheel App and I LOVE my Target REDcard debit card. I save 5% on every purchase, and get FREE shipping at The free shipping comes in handy all throughout the year, and especially during the holidays.

I'm not a big fan of credit cards, which is why I chose to get the REDcard debit card. It works just like a check and comes out of my checking account!  If you don't have one yet, you should get one! You can sign up here and get immediate approval for either the debit or credit card.

Things you may not know about Target REDcard:

•Save 5% off every purchase. I always look at it like it's paying for my tax! This is a nice perk, especially when you are already saving a ton with coupons and cartwheel!
•You save 5% online as well, and get FREE shipping. Score!
•You get 30-extra days to return items, and if you used your REDcard to purchase the item (in-store or online), you don't even need a receipt to make returns. They can look it up for you! This is quite possibly my favorite perk. I'm horrible at hanging on to receipts!
•Up to 1% of your purchases goes to a school of your choice.
•You can sign up for either card online. It's safe, easy, and fast. Start saving 5% today!
•Both the Target REDcard debit and credit cards offer the same perks. The only difference is one is debit and one is credit.
•When you have a REDcard, they send you awesome coupons.

 Difference between Target REDcard Debit and Credit Card

Target REDcard Debit Card:
Works like a check by drawing from your existing checking account. And NO, these cards were not breached in the Target breach that happened a while ago. No REDcard accounts were touched. It is very secure and I have this card myself and have never had any problems.
No annual fee
Secured PIN acccess
Cash withdrawal up to $40 at checkout in store

Target REDcard Credit Card:
Charge your Target and purchases
No annual fee
Manage account and make payments online

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