Target: $100 off Apple Watches–Black Friday Price!

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Target is offering the black friday price of $100 off Apple watches, starting at $249.

Head here to check out the whole selection

One Apple Watch user wrote: “I was not sure if I would love this or just like it. Well, I have to say I love it for what I want it to do for me, for the quality of the product and how it is a great fit for anyone who is an iPhone owner. Again, Apple nails this product from design and build quality standpoint. It is so comfortable to wear I almost forget that it is on until I get a handy reminder, notification or status when it gently nudges me with a soft haptic tap or ding. These notifications are a very nice way to view (even respond using voice) text, email, weather or traffic alerts and more without having to dig my phone out of my pocket. While driving it is nice being on your wrist as it is very natural to glance at it while driving and get what you need very quickly, without distraction. Kind like checking your speed or fuel gauge. The things I love about this product the most are having notifications (of the things I want) on my wrist, the health and activity tracking capabilities are also great!”



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