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It's Friday, which means it's another Mega Swag bucks day! I haven't mentioned Swag Bucks in a while but it continues to be a nearly effortless way I earn gift cards for searching around online. When you sign up for a SB account and use their search engine, you'll win swag bucks. Cash those in for gift cards and it's an easy way to, in my case, save money on diapers and baby wipes!

I've used Swag Bucks for years now and recently stumbled across an easy way to win more. I've always used the Swag Bucks search engine through Internet Explorer, but recently it seems IE isn't working as well with Blogger and other sites. So I started using Google Chrome as well. I generally have both windows open on my computer and just switch back and forth. I found while doing this, I was earning Swag Bucks at the same rate on both! So I'd win 10 Swag Bucks one minute on IE, then switch over to Google Chrome, do a couple searches and win another 12 SB! I do this several times a day! This might be old news to some of you, but it's new to me! Just thought I'd pass the info along! You can read more about Swag Bucks here. 

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