Super Saturday Shopping- Saved 46%

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I did only a small shopping trip last week as we had so much food from Thanksgiving, I simply didn't need very many items. I spent only $12, so this week, I had a little extra wriggle room! My girlfriend and I got an early start this morning, which was good because we had 3 stores on our list!

Before I get into all the fun details…

I spent a total of $58.19 and saved 46%!

I know I usually save a higher percentage, but the deals I got today were already really fantastic to begin with; most of that savings is just from coupons alone. I am really pleased with everything I got, especially considering I got over 20 pounds of produce at Winco!

We first hit up Fresh Market for the $1.28 butter and $3.38 batteries. Smith's is right around the corner, so we went there to check out the 50% off Kellogg's sale. It was okay. Cereal was priced around $1.65 and boxes of crackers were around $1.99. Our big find at Smith's was 1-lb bricks of cheddar marked down to .50! We used our $1/2 lbs of any brand cheese coupon to score 4 lbs of cheese for FREE! I'll shred it and some of it will go in tonight's Tortilla Soup, the rest will go in the freezer!

Last but not least, we headed to Winco! I am in love with their produce department! Here are some deals I got:

  • green bell peppers for .48 each
  • 5-lb bag red potatoes for $1.98 {I forgot to include them in the pic!}
  • small avocados for .33 each {they are pretty big for being “small”}
  • 5 lb of oranges for .93 total! {.18/lb}
  • pears for .78/lb
  • milk for $1.48 per gallon
  • eggs, .88/dozen

We also found the Chinet 35-pack salad/ dessert sized plates for only $1.98 each! Use the $2/1 coupon from 11/22 SS and you can score them for FREE! Winco didn't allow the .02 overage, but it was still fantastic to be able to stock up on smaller plates!I enjoyed Winco! Keep an eye out later this week for a more in-depth look at Winco and their prices.

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4 thoughts on “Super Saturday Shopping- Saved 46%

  1. The Keevy Family says:

    What great deals, good job! Was the 18 cents a pound the price for the oranges or did you have some other kind of coupon for them? I don't think I've ever seen them that low.
    Doesn't it feel good to get a bunch of good deals? I love it!

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