Super Cheap Eggs at Costco??

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Yesterday, I saw on a very well known deal site that eggs at Costco may be super cheap. I hadn't even had time to go to Costco myself (it's about a 25 minute drive for me) and out of the blue my neighbor brought me over some eggs because she had so many and didn't have room in her fridge. She said they were only $1.31 for 2 dozen at the Riverdale Costco. That's $0.65 per dozen! If you find this deal, stock-up!

So, I haven't personally confirmed this price, but it looks like it may be true! That is CRAZY cheap for eggs. If any of you are seeing this price at your Costco, please comment on this post with which Costco you saw this price. And please comment on the facebook post as well so others can see if their Costco is included in this deal. Let's hope you can find this deal too!

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