Summer Time Fun ~ Exploding Watermelons!

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Looking for something fun to do with the kids?  

Why not explode a Watermelon?

Why would you want to explode a watermelon, you ask?  

Because it's cool!  

And it could turn into a watermelon fight that your kids 
wouldn't soon forget.  Just be prepared for a mess!
Kids helping with the bands
Here's what you'll need:

Lots of rubber bands 100+

Starting to bulge!  Not too long now…..

It's really easy. 
All you do is wrap the rubber bands around the middle of the 
watermelon until it can no longer take the pressure.

These kids couldn't handle the suspense and hid in the playhouse!

The fun of it is the suspense!  

When will it explode?  

For us, it was right after it starting oozing some juice.

Word of caution:  It does explode…..but not huge.  I was seated about 10 feet away and I didn't get splattered on.  But I would keep your smaller kids back.  Definitely let them help put on the rubber bands, but you may want the adults to put on the last few.  You'll know when it's about to go.  It starts to bulge and even crack.

Have fun!  We did!

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