Summer Infant My Size Potty Training Toilet, $29.93

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This little potty makes so much sense for potty training toddlers! I had no idea these even existed! Toddlers can have so much fear of the toilet, but this seems like it would get toddlers used to the fact of sitting on a real toilet.

Summer Infant My Size Potty Training Toilet, $29.93

  • Realistic design looks and feels just like an adult toilet
  • Handle features a flush and giggle sound to reward a job well done
  • Flip-up lid and removable, easy-clean bowl
  • Built-in wipe compartment promotes healthy habits
  • Clip on splash guard for boys
  • Realistic design looks, feels and sounds just like an adult toilet
  • Flip-Up seat
  • Removable, easy-clean bowl


Sesame Street “Potty Time” Potty Training Coloring and Activity Set – With Progress Chart and Reward Stickers, $7.95


The Potty Book: For Boys, $5.35


Potty Book for Girls, $5.36


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