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Now that The Martian won a bunch of Golden Globes awards, everyone wants to see it. Did you know you can’t rent it on Redbox until mid February?  You can rent it on Amazon, but it will cost you $5.99. Instead, get the VidAngel channel on your Roku (or smart TV, or apple TV, or Amazon fire TV, etc.) and stream it for just $1, and it’s available right now!

How to get started with VidAngel:

  • Sign up with a free account here
  • Your first movie will be charged $20 to your card, then each movie is only $1 after that with auto-sellback. The $20 deposit makes it so you can have money in your Vidangel account. The extra $19 is still yours if you chose sellback the first time, but it just stays in your Vidangel account until you want it.
  • To stream, you buy the movie for $20 (because ownership of the movie is necessary in order to legally filter the content) and then within 24 hours (or sooner if you want), VidAngel buys it back for $19, making it only $1.
  • Filter the content you don’t want to see or hear.
  • You can set a default filter, so you don’t have to manually filter every movie you watch.
  • Awesome streaming service, with no glitches or loading times.


I have personally been using Vidangel at my house and it has revolutionized the way we stream movies! We only have to pay $1 for each movie, which beats having to find it at a Redbox (and remember to return it), or pay way more on Amazon. Before I tried Vidangel, I had heard nothing but good about, so I gave it a try. I am so glad I did, because the service they offer is awesome and cheap!

Go here to learn more!


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