SoBe BOGO Coupon- multiple prints!

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The SoBe BOGO coupon you win from playing their Heads or Tails game has reset…and appears to have a very generous print limit! Colin from Hip2Save reported that you could print it 8 times. I however, stopped at 10 with no end in sight. {Don't worry, I'm planning on sharing them with my mom, who appears to be challenged when it comes to printing coupons!}

To play, go here and click on one of the characters sitting on the couch. After clicking on them, you’ll twist the bottle cap on the SoBe they’re holding and it will reveal if you’re a winner or not.

Pair these BOGO coupons with the Smith's $2 off 10 SoBe Lifewater coupon and you'll end up with a great deal! Remember to wait for a sale though! The e-coupon doesn't expire until 9/11 and the printable expires 8/31 so we have plenty of time.

Thanks Hip2Save!

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9 thoughts on “SoBe BOGO Coupon- multiple prints!

  1. Ann Dee says:

    Yes, save some for Target also. They always do a buy 10 and get a $5 gift card. Plus they have a 50 cent Target coupon you should print NOW. You can stack it with the BOGO coupons and depending on your cashier get 10 sobe for $2.50 and a $5 gift card. I just did last week! (You just need 2-3 computers for the Target coupon…I used my mine and 2 of my moms)

  2. Kim says:

    These are on sale for $.88 (they have been for a while) this week. With the coupons and the sale, you can get ten for $2.40 or $.24 each. That's not too bad! Have you seen them on sale for much less? Should I assume that they'll go down or is this going to be as good as it gets. Target does seem to run the buy 10, get a $5 gift card fairly often. That, with price matching to a Smith's ad, is a better deal. However, I like that at Smith's it doesn't have to be just the LifeWater.

  3. Camilla says:

    Well, I FINALLY won, and wouldn't you know it…stupid runtime error and my internet shuts down….only was able to print one copy of the coupon!

  4. Anonymous says:

    when the screen shows after you print your coupon and it says 'Thank you, you may close this window.' Just hit the back button, confirm the re-submission, and you can print again! and again! and again!

  5. Anonymous says:

    They are limiting you printing now. I got to play once, and now it says to come back again tommorrow and that the coupon will be mailed in 6-8 weeks.

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