Smith’s vs Macey’s Case Lot Sale

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Case Lots are happening at both Smith’s and Macey’s. I would say overall Macey’s has better prices, however, it depends on what items you are looking for. Smith’s has a better deal on Peanut Butter, tuna, oil, and tomato sauce, but really everything else is a better price at Macey’s. They both have their pros and cons because Smith’s has the Jennie-O ground turkey for a really good deal, and some organic options. Macey’s doesn’t have any fresh meat on their case lot sale. If you are going for the canned soups, flour, sugar, and rice, Macey’s is probably your best bet. Freebies2deals has the full Macey’s case lot here, including coupons that can be used for a couple of the things. You can see the Smith’s Case Lot list I posted last week here.

Smith’s Case Lot: 9/2-9/15

Macey’s Case Lot: 9/7-9/21




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