Smith’s: GM Cereal for .99- today, 5/1

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$1.00 off 2 General Mills Divisional cereal
$1.00 off 2 Cheerios cereals

Today is the last day of the Smith's sale on General Mills cereal. If you haven't shopped yet {me!} and are still planning on stopping by, here are a few fantastic coupons to use that just came out this morning!

$1 off 2 General Mills cereals
$1 off 2 GM Cheerios cereals
.50 off 1 Trix cereal

These coupons are also offered here, at Coupon Network! 

Remember, the deal is, “Buy 4 participating GM cereal, save $6 instantly” with a max of 2 offers per transaction. So print two of each of the $1/2 coupons above, buy 8 boxes and you'll get each box for only .99!

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8 thoughts on “Smith’s: GM Cereal for .99- today, 5/1

  1. rroehale says:

    I was able to print two of each. Something I've noticed in the past few months, though, is that I can no longer hit back and refresh to print the second set. I actually have to go to again and reselect them. Does this happen to anyone else?

  2. Debbie says:

    Smiths usually have the same sale for 2 weeks do you think the sale will continue tomorrow through next tuesday? I hope so!!

  3. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Thanks ladies! I'm sad my computer/ printer freaked out on me… oh well.

    A lot of times Smith's does run a sale for 2 weeks, but those sales are normally the mega savings events. Where this deal is only for GM cereals, I'm not sure it will. I'll find out today though and post it so that you know if you have to run to smith's tonight! 😉

  4. Heidi says:

    When I went to Smith's today (in PG) they were completely out of all the $1.49 gm cereals. They said the warehouse has been out as well.

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