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Smith's has a special promo going on this week: Buy 4 participating General Mills items, get 1 free gallon of milk. Now just glancing at the prices, one wouldn't think this was that great of deal- I mean, cereal is priced at $2.50, granola bars for $3- even fruit snacks for $2.50 a box?! These prices are pretty high. However I want to help you look at this sale a bit differently.

How many gallons of milk do you buy each week? Just one? Three? Seven? I'm willing to bet most of us buy at least 2 gallons to last us a week to 10 days in between shopping trips. What if you took that into consideration when looking at this sale? You are already going to spend money on milk. So let's break down the pricing and factor that into it all…

Purchase the following- the yogurt seems to be the best deal in this sale:
1 gallon milk, $2.50 
4 boxes Go-Gurt {we like the Simply Go-Gurt variety!}, $2 each

If we deduct the cost of a gallon of milk- $2.50- from that $6.25 total, we see that we spent an extra $3.75 on four boxes of yogurt, which works out to be .94 per box. {Remember- we were already going to buy milk!} So instead of looking at this sale as free milk, look at it as a way to get additional groceries for a discount. 

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios were priced at $1.99 per box- and are participating in the free milk promo! Use $1/3 coupon from 1/6 SS to save even more. 

I found this giant display of more $1.99 boxes of cereal. These weren't marked as part of the free milk promo, but I'm wondering if they really are participating, but just hadn't been marked yet? If someone tries these out- let me know! 

If we do the same math for these $1.99 boxes of cereal, it works out to be $1.12 per box of cereal, which is a much better deal! That's even factoring in one box of cereal purchased without using a coupon- if you got 3 boxes of cereal, used the $1.3 coupon and bought another item using a coupon, it'd be even less!

The Nature Valley granola bars work out to be $2.13 per box, which isn't too bad, although you can price match them at Walmart for $1.79 this week.

The $2.50 cereal.

Here are more coupons that coincide with this sale:

 Several Pillsbury products are also part of the free milk promo. Keep an eye out for these red peelie coupons for .50 off 2 Pillsbury items!

Yoplait Greek Yogurt 4-packs are also part of the promo. 

This next deal is NOT part of the free milk promo, but I saw it and thought it was a good price, so I thought I'd share!! The Snickerdoodle variety is SO good! 

Save $1.00 off any one (1) KRUSTEAZ® BAKERY STYLE COOKIE MIX

Use this $1 off Krusteaz Bakery Style Cookie Mix coupon to get each box for just .79! 

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6 thoughts on “Smith’s: FREE Milk Promo

  1. Anonymous says:

    Side not fresh market has the mccormick grinders on sale for 2 each. Use the 1.50 off coupon peelie on package to get spices on the cheap.

  2. Jessica Williams- UDD, Butter with a Side of Bread says:

    Heather- they printed without ANY bar code? Because the new coupons print with only the narrow barcodes. I printed these coupons and used them already at Smith's- they scanned perfectly! I was also able to use the .25 off milk coupon with no problems.

    Take a pic and send it to me- I wanna see what you're talking about- utahdealdiva @ {remove spaces}

  3. Hollie says:

    The 1.99 boxes do work. There are also printable coupons for 75 cents off the peanut butter toast crunch and the honey nut crunch medely on making for a better deal.

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