Smith’s: 4X Fuel Rewards When You Buy Giftcards Through June 19

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Make sure to download your 4X fuel rewards Smith’s digital coupon when you buy giftcards. It is avaialble for use now, through June 19th. This is a smart way to save on fuel this summer. Some ideas are to buy giftcards for Father’s Day, home improvement gift cards for your summer projects, or for future school shopping, and rack up the savings on fuel!

You may as well save on fuel if you are going to be spending the money anyway!

You get 100 points for ever $25 spent on giftcards, which will save you $0.10 per gallon. ($0.10 for every 100 points.) You can only save up to $1 per gallon max on a fill-up. To get up to the $1/gallon savings you would have to purchase $250 worth of giftcards. Note that you cannot buy Smith’s giftcards and get the 4X fuel rewards. It is only valid on third-party giftcards, such as Lowe’s, Best Buy, Old Navy, Fandango, and hundreds more!

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