Saving with Smith’s Digital Coupons and the Smith’s App


Did you know that Smith's has an App for your Smartphone?  

The Smiths app is one of my favorites!  Why? Other than the reason that it's Smith's, I love it because it makes it easy to Download Digital Coupons to my Fresh Values Card.  With the touch of my finger, I can add coupons to my account.

Some of you may be asking “What are Digital Coupons?”  They are just that…..Digital.  No scissors needed for these coupons.  They load directly to your Smith's Fresh Values card.  Once loaded, all you have to do is swipe your card at checkout and the coupons will automatically be applied to the items that you purchased!  There are some limitations with these coupons.  Most of the time they can only be used up to 1 time.  However, Smith's will run sales focusing on these coupons from time to time and they will let you use them up to 5 times in one transaction! This means you can buy 5 items and the coupon will come off of all 5 items.  They will specify on the coupon how many times it can be used.  Digital Coupons are Manufacturer Coupons.  This means you can not use another Manufactures Coupon with it, whether it's a printable from on-line or a newspaper coupon.

Digital coupons can be loaded to your card in 2 different ways:

Today we are going to talk about the app.  My main focus on the app will be on the digital coupons, but there are many other useful tools on the app.  I'll briefly mention those as well.

First thing you need to do after downloading the app is sign into your account.  If you don't have one you'll need to create one.  This is where you'll enter in your Smith's Fresh Value's Card Number so have that handy.  You can manage your profile, store, and Fresh Values Reward card from the drop down menu.

Manage your Profile, Store and Rewards Card from the drop down menu

Coupons – To access all the available Digital Coupons, click on the “Coupons” tab from the Home Screen.  This will bring up a list of all the available coupons.  You can easily search for coupons by category from the drop down menu.

Search for available Digital Coupons in the app

From the coupon list, you can click on the (+) sign on the left of the coupon to easily load it to your card.  For more details on the coupon, click on the arrow to the right.  Once the coupon is loaded, the (+) sign will turn to a (-) sign.  Click on the (-) sign to remove it from your card.  Super easy!

Add and remove coupons from your card easily

To view all of your downloaded coupons, click on “My Coupons” from the drop down menu.  You can also view all your coupons on the “List” feature from the Home Screen.

View your coupons under “My Coupon” or in the “List” feature.

There you have it! I've used this app several times in the grocery store.  It's so easy to pull up on your phone and load any coupons you need.

There are other great features on the app!  

Weekly Ad – From here you can view all the items that are on sale and add those items to your “List” in the same fashion you do the Digital Coupons.  You can search for specific items or view by category.

RewardsSmith's has an amazing Fuel Rewards program.  For every dollar you spend in store, you get a point.  Those points accumulate and can be redeemed at the gas pump.  You can save up to $1 per gallon on gas!  You can read more about this amazing program over here.  From the app, you can view your current rewards points.  (Tip: Be sure to download the 2x Fuel Points Weekends Digital Coupon!  This has unlimited uses.  Shop on weekends and earn twice the Fuel Points.)

List – From here you can view your own personal Shopping List!  The list is all of your digital coupons that you've downloaded plus any of the weekly ad items you may have added to your list.

Rx Refills – You can refill all of your prescription drugs right from the app.  It's as simple as entering in your Rx number, phone number and your pharmacy's phone number.  Choose your pickup date and you're set!

FAQ – It's here where you can read up on the Frequently Asked Questions.  If you need help, this is where to go.

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