Amazon–Roku Stick only $39.97 today! Get rid of your cable bill!

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I can’t say enough good things about my Roku! My husband and I cut our cable service a few years ago, and got a ROKU,  and I can say I am so extremely HAPPY we did. We have saved thousands of dollars from not having to pay a cable bill. For my family, there is absolutely no reason we need to have cable. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I despise the garbage on TV! I love how I can control what my kids watch and I can set parental controls. Not to mention– Neflix marathons! 🙂

You can get this Roku Stick for only $39.97 (Reg.$49.99!) on Amazon today. I have one of the first models of the Roku, and it works awesome. I’m sure this awesome new model is leaps and bounds from mine and it’s teeny!

A Roku is a streaming device that you hook up to your TV (by simply plugging it in to the HDMI outlet on your TV) and works over a wireless internet connection. It flawlessly and fastly streams Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, just to name a few! You can also rent movies right off of Amazon, and watch them through your Roku! I love this because I never remember to return my movies.

Here are more details:

  • Compact stick design. Plugs discreetly right into the HDMI port. Great for wall-mounted TVs.
  • 2,000+ entertainment channels and counting. By far the most movies, sports, news, music and kids’ shows of any streaming player.
  • Control with remote or mobile. You can choose to control your entertainment via your iOS or Android device. Or use the included remote that everybody can share. It’s your choice.
  • Send to TV from mobile. Use mobile apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, to cast videos from your phone straight to your TV.
  • Stunning HD video quality. Immerse yourself in the action with rich, vibrant video streaming up to 1080p* HD.
Also get free shipping with Amazon Prime or a qualifying $35 purchase.

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4 thoughts on “Amazon–Roku Stick only $39.97 today! Get rid of your cable bill!

  1. Autumn Christiansen says:

    We cut our cable and started using an indoor antenna a few years ago. It worked flawlessly until we moved to the other side of town; now we can't get a reception. Since you have one, could you answer a few questions for me about Roku? Do you still have to pay for a Netflix/Hulu subscription in order to take advantage of their offerings? Does the Roku offer television selections in real-time like cable or an antenna would and if not, are those programs available for viewing within a days time?

  2. JanicaUDD says:

    We pay $8.99 a month for Netflix. Hulu offers close to real time programming (it seems like it's available hours or a day later I think), but we don't use Hulu. We have tried the Hulu trial on and off. We also use Amazon quite often because I have a Prime membership, and you can get lots of shows for free with a Prime membership. There are thousands of channels you can choose from. Some you have to pay for, some you don't. I believe there is a "real-time" TV channel you can pay for. Does that answer your questions?

  3. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Yes, but there are a lot of free channels. For me, it's worth it to spend $8.99 over the $100+ a month cable bill I was paying. 🙂

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