Sunday Paper Coupons, a Small Investment That Could Save you Thousands!

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Have you made your budget stretch as far as it can go? Have you cut back on every bill and don't know where else to cut back? Coupons are the answer! You can't cut back on your mortgage payment each month, but you can cut back and decide what your grocery bill will be!

Five years ago I started saving with coupons and it has made a huge difference in my family's budget. There was no where else to cut back on our budget and I finally decided to research couponing. It has changed my life! I have a family of five and we live off of $250-$300, a month, for all of our groceries. This includes diapers, household items, soaps, toilet paper, everything!

Make sure to check out my Stockpile list each week, and see why stockpiling is the way to save with coupons.  Many of the deals I list use coupons from the Sunday paper.

So, start by ordering the Sunday newspaper! I have an awesome current promotion going for the Sunday only, Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune. It is $20 per year, per paper. This works out to only $0.38 per week! This is the lowest price you'll find in Utah. This is a small investment to make on something that will save you hundreds! Think, you only have to use one measly $0.50 coupon per week out of your coupon insert, to more than make your money back. It's a no-brainer!

You can order up to four papers per household, with a maximum of two Salt Lake Tribune and two Deseret News subscriptions.

Here are current prices:
1-Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News: $20.00/ year ($0.38 per week)
2-Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News: $40.00/ year
3-Salt Lake Tribune and/or Deseret News: $60.00/year
4-Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News: $80.00/year for all 4 papers!!!

You can also add on a weekend edition (comes Fri-Sun) to any paper subscription for an extra $19.00/ year.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Paper Coupons, a Small Investment That Could Save you Thousands!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do these papers have the redplum insert? If not, what newspaper does, and how much is it for a subscription? Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any suggestions for after the one year is up? Mine is almost up, but the renewal after a year is way expensive compared to the $20. I'm not a marketing major, but I do know it costs less to keep a customer than it does to go out and get new ones. Media One does not seem to think so.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am actually very upset with my newspaper subscription and don't plan on ever getting one again. They charged me an extra month even though I cancelled on time. They told me the extra charge was because of some magazine they put in the newspaper. I then talked to another representative and they told me it was because I didn't cancel on time. They are a headache to work with and I also had trouble throughout the year with receiving the papers I ordered. In other words, I am done with newspapers!

    • Janica says:

      I am sorry about your experience. They actually just let us know that they are charging for their special edition newspapers (with the magazines.) In order to avoid this charge, you MUST call in (801-204-6100) and OPT-OUT of this service. I just found this out a couple weeks ago, and am going to do a post on it soon, warning people. Sorry again for your experience. I wish I had more control over the newspaper service. :/

  4. Valerie K says:

    How long do I have to wait to resubscribe at the $20 rate after I cancel my subscription when the one year is up? I forgot to opt out of the special editions, so my subscription that should have lasted until February is now all used up and its just the middle of October. I’m hoping I can still resubscribe before all the black friday sales.

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