Rite Aid, Week of 6/6: HOT Money Makers & new Up Rewards!

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Wow- it's an incredible week at Rite Aid!! There are so many great deals that, when paired with coupons, will get you FREE items, plus money back via the Single Check Rebate program. If you're new to Rite Aid, I really recommend reading all about how to maximize savings at Rite Aid here.

Also, Rite Aid has added catalina offers to the mix! They're called Up Rewards and they can be used on your next purchase at Rite Aid. They work just like other catalina offers do- purchase certain items and the coupon will print at check out. You do need to use your Wellness+ card to receive the rewards!! Sign up at the register if you haven't already. It's not super clear as to what the rules are just yet. It says, “Limit 1 per transaction” in the ad, so I'm not sure if this means only one will print each transaction, or you can only use one in future transactions. Even so, the transactions I put together below should work just fine until we find out more information.

You will need two $5/$25 coupons for Rite Aid to make these transactions into money makers. You can print several at the Rite Aid Video Values site. If you simply watch the Wellness+ video, you'll be able to print a $5/$25- print two copies and use one in each of the scenarios below! I've added a new feature to my posts- you can print any and take them to the store with you! Just click the little printer icon at the foot of the post!

Blink tears drops, $7.99

  • Use $2/1 coupon here, or from the 5/15 RP
  • Submit for $7.99 SCR
  • Final price: FREE + $2 money maker!

Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor, $9.99

  • Use $4/1 coupon from 6/6 PG
  • Submit for $5 SCR
  • Final price: .99

Old Spice Deodorant, Body Wash or Body Spray, 2/$7, or $3.50 each

  • Use BOGO coupon from 6/6 PG {subtract $3.50}
  • buy 2 and receive $4 in new Up Rewards to use on a later purchase {Rite Aid catalina}
  • Final price: FREE+ .50 money maker!

Listerine Total Care, $3.99

John Freida Root Awakening shampoo & conditioner, $4.99

  • Use $3/1 coupon from 6/6 SS
  • Submit for $1 SCR
  • Final price: .99

Pampers wipes, $2.49

  • Use $2/1 coupon from 6/6 PG
  • Final price:  .49

Carefree pantyliner, .99

  • Use $1/1 from 4/25 SS
  • Final price: FREE

Duracell batteries, 3 for $14.97

  • Submit for $5 in SCR
  • Receive a $3 UpRewards coupon
  • Final price: 3 for $6.97, or $2.32 each

Deal Scenario #1:
{1} Blink Tears, $7.99
{1} Gillette proGlide razor, $9.99 each
{2} Old Spice body wash or deodorant, $3.50 each
{1} Listerine Total Care, $3.99

  • Subtotal: 28.97
  • Use $5/$25 coupon
  • Use $10.50 in manufacturers coupons detailed above
  • Pay $13.47 OOP
  • Submit for $15.99 in SCR
  • Receive $4 back in UpRewards
  • Final price: FREE + $6.52 money maker!

Now roll that $4 in UpRewards into Deal Scenario #2:
{2} Pampers Wipes, $2.49 each
{1} John Freida Root Awakening shampoo, $4.99
{3} Duracell batteries, $14.97 total
{1} Carefree pantyliner, .99 – if you don't have the $1/1 coupon from 4/25, you can instead buy any filler item priced at .06 or above!

  • Subtotal: $25.93
  • Use $5/$25 coupon
  • Use $8 in coupons detailed above
  • Use the $4 in UpRewards from transaction #1
  • Pay $8.93 OOP
  • Submit for $6 in SCR
  • Receive another $3 in UpRewards
  • Final price: all for FREE!

Submit your receipts here to get your Single Check Rebates. It's so easy! Once the month ends, go online and request your check and use it as payment for your next transaction. If your check is larger than your purchase amount, they'll give you the rest in cash. I keep an envelope of “Rite Aid money” in my wallet and use my checks each month to roll them back into items purchased at Rite Aid. At this point, I don't even feel like I'm using real money anymore and I get toiletries for free each month!

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17 thoughts on “Rite Aid, Week of 6/6: HOT Money Makers & new Up Rewards!

  1. Sak says:

    I know this is odd, but check with your dentist for Colgate Total Care $2/1 coupon. Mine had display with a Tearpad on it! They also had other dental type coupons available.

  2. Jenny says:

    So.. you don't even go to the bank and cash your Rite aid SCR checks? You just take the entire check to Rite Aid and use it? That's awesome! Do you think all Rite Aids do this?

  3. Chelsea says:

    How do you print the $5/$25 twice? I was able to print it once, but I don't understand how you print it twice. using the back button in my browser did not work. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Some of the duracell batteries had $1 peelies on them.

    I had all sorts of problems with the Old Spice deal, hopefully the bountiful store has it all straightened out now. (They were really nice about fixing the problem though)


  5. Anonymous says:

    yeah, I ran into problems with the Old Spice deal as well. The 6/6 coupon is only BOGO free from the new FRESH collection. The $4 UP rewards is on RED ZONE. I was able to find a BOGO Old spice body wash that didn't specify a certain kind I think in the 4/25 RP (maybe it was the 4/18?)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I didn't have any problems with the Old Spice thing at all at Taylorsville!!! The body wash was really hard to find though, I had to really search for it. My store was out of the AAA batteries that I really needed, but the $1 off peelies on the AA's were really nice to have!!!!

  7. TibbMom says:

    I had problems with the Old Spice as well, so it ended up being $11 out of pocket instead of completely free (after rebates) for both deals. But I feel pretty good about it. I also didn't get the $3 UP rewards for the 2nd transaction.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The $4 Up rewards for the Old Spice Deoderant is good only on Red Zone. It won't print out if you purchase Ever Clear or Fresh Collection deoderants.

  9. Jared and Brittany says:

    I made the mistake of purchasing multiple items not realizing that the rebates are only good for one of each item! UGH! Oh well, lesson learned! I also had a hard time with the Old Spice coupon, they would not take it because it was a very specific kind that you had to purchase and of course they were all out of it!

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