Rise and Shout: Only $25 for Cosmo’s Kids Club Membership….and more!

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Football season is fast approaching and for those of you true blue fans, CityDeals is offering Cosmo's Kids Club Memberships for only $25, which is over half off the normal $60 price!  The membership includes:

  • 4 Football Ticket Vouchers (Good for Weber, Hawaii, Oregon State, Idaho).  Voucher can be used for adults or children
  • 8 Men's Basketball vouchers (Only excluding Utah, Utah State, Gonzaga, St. Mary's).  Voucher can be used for adults or children.
  • Official Kids Club T-shirt (This T-shirt give the child year-round, FREE access to women's volleyball, women's soccer, women's basketball, men's volleyball, gymnastics, baseball, softball, track & field)
  • Post-Game Access:  Shoot Free Throws, Kick a Penalty, etc…
  • Facility Tours/Athlete Meet and Greets
  • Cosmo Fitness Folder/Poster
  • Team Posters (Football, Basketball, Soccer, etc…)
  • Cosmo's Website Access
  • Cosmo's Monthly Newsletter
  • Fitness Fun Competitions

Football and basketball tickets may be used by the kid's club member and any other adults or children accompanying him/her.

The memberships are available for children ages 3-13 and you can buy as many as you want!  What a great way to get cheaper tickets for your children (and yourself!) to attend some BYU sporting events!  Most of the football tickets start at about $25 each, so this is an inexpensive way to take your kid to a couple of games!

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