Ready to Save Some Money on Groceries? Plan Your Meals the Easy Way!

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Weekly meal planning is one of THE MOST effective ways to stretch your grocery dollar. In fact, it is shown that those who plan their meals, save on average of over 50% off their grocery bill! If that isn’t enticing enough, meal planning also relieves the stress of knowing what to make for dinner. It makes you happy and your wallet happy too!

But here’s the hard part. It’s not always easy to meal plan. Right? Sometimes it’s difficult and time consuming to think of new meals. So, how much would you pay for someone to do all your weekly meal planning for you? How much would you pay if I told you that same person would also tell you exactly where to get the best deals on your dinner ingredients? And then, what if I told you that this service exists and it is only a measly $1.25 per week?! I think each of us could afford an extra dollar and some change to save hundreds at the grocery store. This service is offered on a site called Deals to Meals–and this lady is amazing. I am in awe of what a lovely service she offers.

Find it Here: Deals to Meals–Meal Planning at it’s finest!

So, here’s the scoop:

Deals to Meals is a website run by a Utah mom. She plans meals according to what is on sale that week and shares it with all of us! You can even start a two-week free trial here, and then after that, it is only $4.95/month. That’s an incredible deal!

She gives you 7 recipes for dinner, plus some side and dessert recipes as well. You can choose what recipes you want to make that week, or even add in some of your own, if you already have the ingredients. Here is  a sample of what the shopping list looks like (It’s usually about 3-4 pages long for the week):


She let me take this week’s meal plan for a test run, and I was impressed! Here’s my shopping adventure…

I already had a TON of these ingredients because of my stockpile (so yes, of course it’s still worth it to use coupons–And don’t forget to check my Smith’s weekly matchups each week!:)) I mostly had to get fresh foods, like meat, dairy, and produce. It was nice to have a clear and concise list of what to get. It made it SO EASY! So what I did, was highlight all the ingredients I needed, and shopped from that list. Just a side note, I omitted a couple of these recipes, and substituted them with recipes I already had ingredients for as well. The nice thing too, is that she also writes a corresponding number next to each ingredient, so that you know what recipe that ingredient is used for. I also just chose to shop at Smith’s. My Smith’s will price match to my Associated foods store (Kent’s) so I was able to save on produce that way.

Start Here: Deals to Meals–Meal Planning at it’s finest!

Here’s me shopping with my kiddos and my highlighted list. Don’t they look thrilled?


I only used TWO coupons I had with me, and spent only $45! That is all we will need for the week.



Last night I made the California Pizza Kitchen Chopped BBQ Salad with Homemade Ranch. It was yummy!



So, try it for a couple weeks and see if this helps you save some money at the grocery store too!

Get It Here: Deals to Meals–Meal Planning at it’s finest!



Thanks Shandra for this awesome service!

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