Read E-Books for Free through Pioneer, Utah’s Online Library

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If you like reading and have a library card, you should register with Pioneer, Utah's Online Library. You can browse thousands of books that are available in a variety of electronic formats. I was actually surprised by the selection- they have a lot of books I've had my eye on for a while now! Each library only has a certain number of copies available at any given time, so a lot of the more popular books require you to place a hold on the book, to be added to the waiting list. Waiting times depend on how many people have it on hold before you. Even still, if you want a book for right now, just click the “only show titles with copies available” box and start browsing.

Once you add items to your cart, just check out and download your books. Books are distributed through Amazon's Library Lending program. I had to sync my Kindle for it to finally appear. You have 14 days to read the book.

When a book you have on hold becomes available, you have 3 days to download it. You can only have 5 books on hold at any given time.

You can see what devices are supported by different e-book formats here. Tons of electronics are supported- everything from laptops to Smart Phones, iPods, tablets, etc. You can even listen to audiobooks for free on your iPod Nano!

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