Q&A: Case Lot Sales?

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I got an email today with a common question about case lot sales. Instead of just replying to Corrinne, I thought I'd share the answer with you all, in case someone else had the same question.
Q: When do the case lot sales here in Utah start? Any info you can share?
Answer: Case lot sales happen twice a year- end of March/ beginning of April and end of September/ beginning of October. The Fall sale is consistently less expensive than the Spring sale and year after year, Smith's has the best prices. Other stores tend to start their sales before Smith's as well, so don't rush- it will be worth it to wait an extra week or so. The sales last 2 weeks and inventory is limited- it's on a first come, first served basis. The really great priced items do run out before the sale ends.

I normally purchase at least a few items from each case lot sale, trying to hold off until Fall whenever I can. This Fall, I have peanut butter, sugar and flour on my list. When the prices come out for the sales, I'll post a spreadsheet showing a quick comparison of popular items, as well as the prices at Costco.

If we have coupons available for the items, you can technically use them on case lot items. However, I've only had success with this at Smith's.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on our case lot sales! Leave a comment!

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: Case Lot Sales?

  1. Laura says:

    I like going to Macey's case lot sale, because you can buy just one can or several cases if you want. Often I do not need a whole case of something. I just got the Macey's add in the mail today, and their case lot sale starts Wednesday.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good to know….I noticed at Smith's Spring case-lot sale they had Hunt's spaghetti sauce for $.75/ea. Just the week prior, they had had a sale for $.69. So you definitely have to be familiar with prices on the goods you are most interested in before you splurge on the case.

  3. Haley Hill says:

    I agree with the comment about Macey's. I definitely wouldn't say that Smith's has the best prices and at Macey's you can just buy individual cans if you want and I think Macey's has the best prices overall but you just have to do some research. I HIGHLY recommend using the case lot comparison here: http://preparedldsfamily.blogspot.com/2011/08/compare-prices-of-utah-case-lot-sale.html. She has compared several stores so you can see where the best prices are!

  4. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Macey's has a great case lot sale, and it is nice to be able to buy a few instead of a whole case. Smith's does that occasionally- it'd be nice if they did that all the time!

    As for Smith's being cheaper, it's not simply my opinion, but the math! Prepared LDS Family does an INCREDIBLE job researching and putting together a ton of info into one place, but I've lways felt her spreadsheet was missing one column- a price per unit. It makes a difference when you start comparing how much the item is per ounce/ lb/ whatever. That's where you can really see who has the lower prices, and Smith's consistently does have the cheaper prices when I compare 20-25 like items from the case lot sale.

    Her list is great and it does have a TON of info, but I wish she did a few things that would make all that info more usable and easily understood at a glance. Just my thoughts. 😉

  5. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Ok, I take that back- she does have a column that depicts price per unit…it's just not labeled that. Once I started doing the math, I saw where it was. Helpful!

    Watch out though- she's comparing the Fall Macey's sale to the Spring smith's CL sale…not an accurate comparison in my opinion.

  6. Claire says:

    Does it seem odd that Fresh Market is having a case lot starting tomorrow? I'm excited though. The chicken is an awesome price, and a few other things I was low on. I'm curious to hear your opinion on Fresh Market's sugar and flour prices this time. I haven't seen sugar for $10/25 lbs for a long time, and they have a case of 40 lbs. for $20. Not the best, but I'm low. What do you think? Do you think Smith's will have it cheaper in a few weeks?

  7. Haley Hill says:

    She does compare the Fall Macey's sale to the Spring Smith's sale but that's just because the Smith's Fall sale hasn't happened yet.
    She has previous versions of that spreadsheet so you can compare Smiths vs Macey's for Fall and Spring if you want to do it that way.
    It definitely depends on what you purchase, but I have found Macey's has the best prices for me and I always look at the price per unit
    when determining prices.

    Claire-it looks like Smith's had sugar for $.47/lb in the Spring so thats an indicator they might have it again. The price you're quoting is $.50/lb. Hope that helps!

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