Q & A: How Do I Sign Up For FREE Coupon Classes in Utah?

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Free Coupon Classes In Utah

I get many, many people emailing and messaging me about how to take a coupon class. So, I thought I would provide some helpful information on that topic! One of the most satisfying things to me is being able to teach people how to use coupons the right way. However, because I am super busy with this blog, I am not able to teach as much as I wish I could! Because my time is very limited right now, I am only able to teach to larger groups. I have also implemented a fee for these larger classes (email me at utahdealdiva@gmail.com for my rates), just to cover my time and expense of travel.

BUT if you are wanting to host a class at your home with at least 8 people (or more), there are many wonderful and knowledgeable coupon class instructors all over Utah that teach for free!

Here is how you can take or host a class for FREE:

Just simply fill out the form here. A knowledgeable coupon class instructor will call you to set up a time. Be mindful and courteous to this teacher. She teaches these classes for free, so please invite at least 8 people, to make it worth her time. If you are not going to be able to keep your class appointment, please let her know as soon as possible!

What will you learn at the class?

  • Coupon basics- You will learn the very basics of couponing, including how to use coupons, what types of coupons there are, and when the best time is to use coupons.
  • Where to get coupons- There are many places to get coupons, but there are a few sources that are key to being able to save.
  • How to stockpile- Building up a storage, or “stockpile” is key to saving with coupons. This is not extreme couponing like seen on TV. It is simply a way to build a storage to feed a family of any size.
  • Best places to use coupons- Not all stores are created equal when it comes to using coupons. Learn the what the best stores are to save the big bucks!
  • How to store coupons- Luckily, you won't have to worry about learning how to use those HUGE coupon binders. The clipless coupon method is taught at all these classes. This is my personal favorite way to store and use coupons! No huge binders to lug around and lose at the store. Taking kids to the store is hard enough, right?!

Go here to schedule a class

Want to get started couponing right away? Go here to order the newspaper, so you can follow along with my weekly Smith's lists.



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