Product Review: Comforts Diapers {Smith’s/ Kroger Brand}

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As part of my Bzzz Agent membership, I was recently able to review Comforts brand diapers, which is the Smith's/ Kroger generic brand. I have to come clean and say that I'm kind of a diaper snob. Having just had my 4th baby a few months ago, I am once again knee-deep in diapers. Over the years I've tried just about every generic brand out there and have disliked most of them. I turn to coupons and sales to save money on diapers, as opposed to buying generic brand.

However, with Amazon Mom now costing $80 per year {unless you're new, then you can get 3 months free!} I am trying to have an open mind about off-brand diapers.

Comforts diaper on Left, Huggies Snug & Dry on Right

I've used the Comforts brand for several weeks now. My baby girl has worn them throughout the day and even overnight {she sleeps through the night- yay!!} To compare, I've also been using Huggies Snug & Dry at the same time. They've both seen some real doozies- the kind of mess that makes us skip the wipes and head straight for the bath!

My conclusions? All diapers leak at some point. All. Of. Them. Like I said earlier- I've used them all, and at some point, they all have leaked. The Comforts brand leaked just as often as the Huggies diapers. No more, no less. So really, you could say that Comforts is just as good as Huggies in the leakage department.

You can see from the picture above, they do look slightly different. The Comforts brand is somewhat wider than Huggies. If your baby is very slim, you might see more leaks from the Comforts brand. Then again, the side tabs are super stretchy and really allow for a good fit, so that might help. My baby is on the chunkier side, so I felt like they fit her well. 

Comforts- Left, Huggies- Right

The inside of the diaper looks different as well. There simply is just more to a Huggies diaper. I've always liked the little stretch of blue fabric across the top back of Huggies diapers. More than once I've found mess in there and breathed a sigh of relief that it didn't get out. Comforts doesn't have it, but then again they didn't ever leak out the back top, but rather on the sides, by her legs. So maybe the blue strip doesn't do as much as I thought?!
I also tried out Comforts Wipes and actually really liked them. I don't care for Pampers wipes because I like them thick and strong- so that I can also use them to wipe hands in addition to bums! Comforts wipes were very thick- like Huggies wipes, and a perfect size for all jobs.
Comforts diapers and wipes cost much less than any brand name diaper and Smith's often has e-coupons available for them online. Having tried them out, I can say that if a coupon was released, yes, I'd buy them and use them again. They got the job done and are a good value for their price.
What generic brand diapers do you like? I'd love to hear other reviews, particularly if you've tried Comforts!
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22 thoughts on “Product Review: Comforts Diapers {Smith’s/ Kroger Brand}

  1. ~GINGER~ says:

    I used to love the Wal-Mart brand diapers. Then they changed their look and their "formula" to be "more" leak absorbent. However, in our home, it made them much WORSE! That's when I switched to Luvs. Luvs smell like baby powder, but they work great for us! I don't trust Pampers (you know, the brand that took out layers between baby and the absorbent chemicals and now cause chemical burns on 1/3-1/2 of babies) and Huggies are fantastic except for the price tag!!

  2. Utah Deal Diva says:

    I need to try Luvs again. i bought several packages years ago when we had a GREAT coupon- only I tried them and really didn't like them! I wonder if they've changed at all?! They leaked so bad and just never seemed to fit right.

    I haven't decided if amazon Mom is worth the $80. In my mind and quick calculations, it seems like i'd break even, so I haven't opted for it.

  3. Debbie says:

    I always used Target brand during the day, and Huggies Snug & Dry at night. This was a couple years ago, so I don't know if Target diapers have changed since then. I'm pregnant with baby #3 now, so I guess I'll be finding out soon about which diapers are best. Has anyone tried Costco diapers (Kirkland brand)?

  4. Alice says:

    I tried comforts too- and have decided that they're okay. I really liked the wipes.

    I found the diapers leak about as much as any other disposable as well. I used to use the target brand diaper several babies ago, and I like these just as well. 🙂

    (I want to know what you thought about the sippy cup)

  5. Ashley says:

    I've only ever used generic diapers. I used the Smith's brand for my first baby because we didn't live anywhere near a Walmart and they worked just fine. Very few blow out for us. My second two used the Walmart brand and they worked just fine as well. I was perfectly happy with both kinds. Like I said though, I've never once used Huggies, Pampers or Luvs because I was perfectly happy with the generic ones. Oh, and I even used the Costco brand ones once and they worked fine as well.

  6. Heather says:

    I've used Comfort brand. They always seem to leak at night. My favorite generic brand has been Up & Up from Target. I would say that the quality has been very close to Huggies, especially in the larger sizes. I haven't tried the Comforts wipes. It would take something big to get me to abandon Huggies wipes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have 3 in diapers right now, a 16 month old boy and 3 week old twin girls. The diapers that work the best for them are the WalMart brand, and the fact that they are inexpensive makes them even more wonderful. I do have to agree that Pampers are terrible. The hospital used Pampers with all 3 of my kids and they all had problems.

  8. Ariel says:

    I too have been kinda of a diaper snob. I started couponing a few months before my son was born, and when i realized i could get huggies on sale with a coupon ( or amazon ) for as cheap or cheaper that off brands i stuck to huggies. I used a few bags of pampers, walmart brand, luvs and was not too impressed. I liked huggies. I too am a Bzz agent and got a chance to review comforts brand diapers, wipes and sippy cups. I didn't care for the wipes, although they were not bad. The sippy cups were a nightmare. Both cups within five min of handing them to my son, ended with him swimming in a pool of milk on my kitchen floor. The lids kept coming off. They both ended up in the trash. The diapers however, I was actually surprised by. They held up better than any other off brand and i thought they were just as good as huggies. I would absolutely buy them again.

  9. The Wettstein Family says:

    I will never, ever use Pampers again! As opposed to Huggies, and pretty much every other diaper out there, they fall apart. But they don't just fall apart, if they get too wet, this nasty stuffing that's inside them spreads everywhere! I'll never forget the first time I used them was when my husband and I took our oldest on a camping trip. (First mistake, trying a new brand of diapers on a trip) My son got wet from a water spout, and when I tried to take off his diaper, the result was a mess of stuffing all over our sleeping bags, our tent, everywhere! For years, I've only used Huggies or Kirkland brand diapers. I have recently used comforts, and they hold up just fine.

  10. Camille says:

    Did you ever try using cloth diapers? I know you mentioned before you had your baby that you were going to give them a try – how's it going??

  11. Ali says:

    I like the target brand…but I mostly use cloth. I found with my newborns that I never had the blowouts I'd had using disposables (yep, even Huggies).

  12. Sariah says:

    I've tried the Comfort diapers before and they were fine. Not great, but not bad either. I was a Huggies mom for the most part. Not a fan of Pampers. Luvs were good too. But my favorite off brand were the Rite Aid Tugaboos. They were more like Huggies than any of the other brands and I was able to get them on sale for pretty good prices back when Rite Aid had better sales than they do now.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Love Parents Choice at Walmart. I've used Huggies and Pampers and I keep going back to Parents Choice because they are so much cheaper and work just as well.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I was a pampers mom! We loved pampers, never had any problems with my 2 kids on them. I got a coupon from smiths to try their Comfort brand, which was incredibly cheaper then pampers and with the coupon made it a deal I couldn't pass up. So I tried them and have had no problems. I love them and will continue to use them till my little girl is Pottie Trained.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Tried both Target brand and Walmart brand. Hands down love the Walmart brand better. Target works in a pinch and with the 5% off with the red card it makes them the one I typically buy more. I do feel the Walmart ones are much more absorbent and don't stretch off my boy as easily. Other than that I've only tried Huggies and they work great.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I like/use pampers and huggies. after starting to shop at walgreens, I got a really great price on their brand and now I add them to the arsenal. In my experience the diapers would leak if they were either too big for my baby or too small. Also would leak if the diaper wasn't positioned properly.

  17. Jeanette says:

    I like to use Target brand during the day, and Huggies Snug & Dry at night. I have tried parents Choice and Luvs too. Luvs smell funny and bunch up when they are wet so I would change them more often because they felt really full. Parents choice were about the same as Target, only they weren't so noisy. If they all work about the same, I usually go for what is cheapest! I tried Comforts once on my oldest (I have 3) and she got a terrible rash from them, so I have avoided them since.

  18. brittanydaw says:

    I have always used generic brands unless someone gave me brand name diapers. My third kid had such terrible diaper rash that he cried every time I changed him. Then my fourth child had diaper rash, but someone gave me Huggies and she stopped having diaper rash. I thought it was coincidence until I went back to generic (cause I ran out of Huggies) and back to diaper rash! I never made the connection between diapers and diaper rash (hm… but it is called DIAPER rash…) anyway, I normally would totally be a cheap diaper person, but it made a huge difference to go to a name brand diaper. Just my info to pass along to those wondering…

  19. Anonymous says:

    First to comment and say WALGREENS brand all the way! They do run big and my son is small at age 2 now, and has been wearing a size 3 for over 1 year now.

    I have tried and liked Huggies and Kirkland (Costco's brand).

    I have tried and not liked Walmart brand (thin, leaked, made lots of noise), Pampers (diapers stuck to my son's messy diapers) and Target brand (leaked, made lots of noise).

    By far I love WALGREENS brand for the quality and price tag. 🙂

  20. Anonymous says:

    I use a generic in the day mostly. But I use Huggies Snug and Dry or Kirkland at night and the first diaper change of the day. My son usually poops in the mid morning!

    Walgreens- Ok not as good on the sides keeping "it" in.
    Walmart brand not for me
    Luvs- Try them they have gotten better on leakage. If the perfume smell bothers skin then don't do it

    I haven't tried cloth. Did you UDD?

  21. Makinn says:

    I really like the smith comforts brand but I have found that I really like the "green" comfort brand the kind that doesn't have the chemicals in it. They seem to hold more and leak less! My 18 month old can't do huggies (rash) so we do the smith's durning the day and pampers at night. We have yet to have any problems with the pampers.

  22. Annette says:

    I've used the comforts brand and I dislike them. The first time I used them was the other night before LO fell asleep. I woke up 1 hour later and he leaked badly. The bed had a puddle of pee. His whole outfit was peed on. I usually use huggies and this has never happened before. I can go 2 hrs without changing LO's diaper and not worry that he will leak. The target brand works just as good as the huggies brand. I like how the target brand also has a wetness indicator, just like huggies. I'd rather use the target brand than the comforts diapers any day.

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