Powerade, $0.29 each on Amazon–Will Sell Out

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POWERADE Sports Drink, Grape, 12 pack, $3.58–one time purchase

Add-on item–Must spend $25 to get free shipping

One Scenario:

If you add 7 of these to your cart, it will be $25.06 for 84 bottles,  plus you will get free shipping. It equals out to $0.29 a piece!

Another Scenario:

This is also a subscribe and save item, where if you subscribe to 5 or more things you will get 15% off, making it $3.04 for this pack. Plus, it will override the add-on requirement and you’ll get free shipping with subscribe and save.

POWERADE Orange, 12 pack, $3.96–one time purchase

Add-on item. Must spend $25 to get free shipping

If you buy 7 of these, it would be $27.72 for 84 bottles,  or $0.33 each!

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