This Is the Place Heritage Park Fall Review

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 Late October is a happening time for This Is the Place Heritage Park! I wasn’t expecting all that we were in for and it turned out to be a great adventure for three of my kids and me. We only allotted ourselves about three hours to see it all, and as we were leaving, we wished we would have had more time. There is so much to see and do, you could honestly pack a lunch and stay all day!

From learning about our great state’s history to crafts and hands on learning to keep the kids interested and entertained, this park has it all! It was especially fun to see the workers dressed in costume and there was trick-or-treating for everyone at each of the museums.

A definite highlight for the kids was the costume parade and candy cannon, set off by a pirate on Main Street in front of Brigham’s Donuts (which are delicious, by the way).

Did you know that Brigham Young’s beautiful Forest Farmhouse resides at This Is the Place Heritage Park? Originally built in 1863 in Sugarhouse on 800 acres of farmland, this home was relocated to the park in 1976. The charm and features from a home of that era are just beautiful. The kids were fascinated taking a tour (and of course, got to trick-or-treat at Brigham Young’s house-no big deal, haha).

Be sure to visit the pony ride and petting zoo as you exit the train which circles the grounds with a new train arriving at various stations every 5-7 minutes. This is a lifesaver when strolling through this 450 acre park!

Be on the lookout for ancient creatures roaming the park. “Don't worry Mom, I'm not scared,” said my 4-year-old upon encountering this dino. “He has man legs and I don't think he can run very fast.”

Last but not least, walk through the Visitor Center and take all the photo ops you can with the beautiful scenery and amazing history found in the fall at This Is the Place Heritage Park!

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