Picking Corn in the Green Giant Valley

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I added some pictures of my trip to my Utah Deal Diva Facebook page! The trip has been fun and very informative…and super delicious! Lunch today was amazing; thank heavens food and I are friends again. Looking forward to dinner as well. I love trips centered around food!

Random question of the day: Which do you prefer, canned corn or frozen corn? We tested a few in the tasting room today!

The green boots are awesome too, but it did take 2 people to get them off me. Ahh the joys of not being able to bend over very far. Huge shout out to Amanda from A Few Shortcuts and Sarah from A Thrifty Mom for helping me out there! {Think I could shovel snow in these boots?!}

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8 thoughts on “Picking Corn in the Green Giant Valley

  1. Utah Deal Diva says:

    Wow- I'm surprised! I've always thought frozen corn tastes chewy. I do like that super fresh flavor, but love the consistency of canned corn- kind of crunchy. I guess i'm the odd duck here though!

    Oh, and I'm due November 16th…I have 3 months to go. 3 loooooong months. 🙂

  2. kamaile says:

    I'd have to go with frozen corn as well. I freeze my own corn and I love the sweet, fresh flavor. I haven't noticed a chewy texture, but maybe I'll pay more attention next time.

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