Office Update #2- It’s Coming Right Along!

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My office deadline was last week and I want you all to know that I took this picture last week… then forgot about posting it! Ahhh what can I say, it's been a busy week.

This isn't the final update- I've got some cool finishing touches in the works, but those most likely won't be done until after this weekend. So I thought I'd at least show you all how it's coming along!

So we finished the whole room switch and I am so happy we decided to do that! This new room is so much bigger and when the kids are in here working on their computer or doing some homework, I no longer feel claustrophobic.  The paint color is calming and the desk has so much space. I love it! This photo only shows half the room too- I'm keeping the other half a secret for my next update…

You can see what the office used to look like here:

Until next week…
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