Now Is The Time to Stock Up on Canned Goods!

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I was given a Smith’s giftcard to share my opinions. All my opinions expressed in this article are real and 100% my own. 

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I saved 40% off my bill, just by stocking up at the case lot sale this week–And no coupons are required to get the savings!

I sure do love a good sale to replenish the staple foods in my storage. Through next Tuesday, Smith’s is having a case lot sale, and there are a few items you will definitely want to stock up on. One of the biggest secrets to saving at the grocery store, is stocking up on something when it is at it’s rock bottom price.

Then in turn, you will avoid having to run to the store and buy it for full price. Case lot sales make this easy to do, especially for canned foods. The price can really add up if you are just buying them one at a time. Plus, less trips to the store because you have an ingredient in your storage, equals more savings, right?!

In the past when my grocery budget was out of control (before I started couponing of course!), I used to avoid case lot sales because I thought there was no way I could afford to spend $100-$150 on one trip to stock up on canned goods. Now what I do, is I set some money aside each paycheck to go into our “food storage or case lot” fund. Now when the sales come around, we can easily and painlessly afford it. 

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Here are my personal favorite picks at the case lot sale: 

Annie’s Macaroni and cheese $10.68/case
limit 4 cases – case of 12

Botan Calrose Rice, 20 lb bag $11.99

Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna 28.32/case
limit 2 cases – case of 48

Hunt’s Pasta Sauce $10.68/case
limit 2 cases – case of 12

Jennie O Ground Turkey $23.88/case
limit 2 cases – case of (12) 1 lbs rolls

Possible Coupon: Use $1/1 Jennie-o Ground Turkey printable 

Kroger Apple Juice, 64 oz., $5.94/case
limit 2 cases – case of 6

Kroger Brown and Powdered Sugar, $15/case
limit 2 cases – case of 12

Kroger Tomato Sauce $8.88/case
limit 2 cases – case of 24

Kroger Tomatoes $11.76/case

limit 2 cases – case of 24

Kroger Peanut Butter, $12/case
limit 2 cases – case of 12

Libby’s Vegetables $6/case
limit 2 cases – case of 12
Possible Coupon to Use: $1/4 Libby’s Vegetable, exp. 10/1/16 (RP 08/21/16 R)
Maruchan Ramen Noodles $3.49
limit 2 cases – case of 24

Oakdell Medium Eggs, $3.99 
5 Dozen
$0.80 per dozen

Raga Pasta Sauce, $12/case
limit 2 cases – case of 12

Tina’s Burritos, $8/case
limit 2 cases – case of 32

VanCamps Pork & Beans, $12/case 
limit 2 cases – case of 24

If your family uses something A LOT, and I didn’t put it on this list, don’t let that keep you from buying the item. If you feel the price is way under what you normally pay, then stock up on it! But remember to not go overboard. Case lot sales come around about every six months, so there really is no need to buy for a zombie apocalypse.


You may be interested in this 6 shelf can rack too if you have a lot of canned goods! I have been thinking about upgrading my storage room to actually having some functional can racks. I ran into this one and thought it was a good deal. Especially because some 3 rack ones are around $22. Despite the way the picture makes it look, if you look through the customer reviews, it shows you can actually have 3 (black bean sized cans) side by side. That means it could hold up to 72 cans!


See it here: Atlantic Double Canrack, $27.54 (compare to $34.27 at Walmart)




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