July 29 Is the Deadline to Get Your Cheap Discount Tickets To Flight (An Awesome Interactive Exhibit In Salt Lake!)

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The Flight Exhibit is opening at the The Leonardo museum in SLC on August 6. This is such an amazing and unique exhibit, and I'm excited to have this one of a kind showcase coming to Utah! Unlike their traveling exhibits, like Body Worlds, this exhibit is here to stay for the next few years.

The most exciting part of the exhibit is a giant, C-131 aircraft. The aircraft is so large that to get it into the museum, they actually had to take off part of the wall of the building. Additionally, the wingspan is so big that it only clears the walls of the exhibit by six inches on either side. You will be able to get up on the wings of the airplane and run from one side to the other. You can get in the cockpit and mess with all the buttons, levers and gadgets. You can also slide out the back of the airplane on the giant slide! 

There will also be three hyper-realistic flight simulators provided by Rockwell Collins so you can get in and fly all sorts of missions, planes and other things to get your blood pumping. This exhibit is very hands-on and the perfect place for growing minds! I love that we are so lucky to have this in our state! 


Help the Leonardo take flight and be the first one to see this exhibit!

Here's how: 

By making a donation (starting at just $5) you can be one of the first to see this exhibit! The regular ticket price is $13, but by choosing to make a $5 donation you will get one ticket! This is a great discount and one of the only times we will see a discount for this exhibit. If you need more tickets, there are more options. The $30 donation will get you 4 tickets, a bomber hat and goggles, a treat from the cafe, and a gift from the retail store.


For a family, I personally think the $50 Donation is going to be the most fun and unique experience because you get 4 tickets to the pre-opening. You and you family will be the first to see it! And you will be also be able to participate in making a paper airplane and throwing it off the roof of the Salt Lake City library on August 5. How cool is that?!


Don't wait to get your tickets! Make a donation and reserve your spot. These discount donation tickets are only available through July 29, and once they're gone, they're gone!

Go here to get your tickets by making a donation of your choice


The Leonardo is located at: 209 East 500 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


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